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… Spirit Centre, it is the Dragonflies.
In lane three, representing Surrey Place Centre, the Flying Dragons.
In four, representing the Meta Centre is Team Magnificent …
My friend here, Ron, told me that he's on he Dragon Boat Race.
So, I thought I'd like to be interested in it. So, I started last year and it was fun so I want to continue.
The opportunity to participate in the Spirit Challenge Dragon boating came about for us six years ago
when we realized that there was an opportunity for people with disabilities to participate in dragon boating.
And by 2008, we had eight teams.
Some of the people are from my work so I might go against them so we trash talk.
I say we'll win. They say they'll win.
For getting people in the boat, we wheel them onto the docks generally
and assist them in lifting or transferring into the boat.
In each boat, there are 20 paddlers.
There's a person drumming at the front and a person steering at the back.
There are at least 10 people with a disability in each boat.
Honestly, I thought, well, if they can do it, maybe I can try and do it because I am partly paralyzed.
Well done! Come on! Now paddle right through to that finish line!
We won it last year.
In this race, you can see people's joy. You can see their excitement.
You can see them working together as a team.
But you can't see their passion and their commitment and how much limitations they have overcome
to work through demonstrating their ability in participating and working together.
And in lane three, the Surry Place Centre Flying Dragons
and in lane two, Christian Horizons … in lane five …
Congratulations! Good job, Dragonflies!
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Spirit Challenge Dragon Boat Racing

905 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on May 30, 2014
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