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  • So I have just finished an incredible two hour plus conversation with Lord Michael Farmer.

  • He is a man who has done so many things in his life, Grew up in some very troubled situations.

  • Uh, his father was an alcoholic who died when he was four years old.

  • His mother suffered from alcoholism is well, and he really had to find his own way.

  • Luckily through state sponsored boarding schools and made his way to the city of London like I did on at 18 years old, was making £8 a week on the metals exchange and, uh, built himself up in his company up Thio, Uh, something that now has around $2 billion in assets.

  • But it's the work of the last six years that are more fascinating about Lord Farmer, and that is his work in the House of Lords, which is kind of one of the two parliamentary branches here in in England and the House of Lords.

  • You get periods for life, so you get kind of that you get you get put there for the rest of your life, which means you're not subject to an election cycle.

  • And in Lord farmers case, you can really focus on work that's close to you.

  • And for him, that is all really about the family.

  • It's all about how to keep families together because it just makes sense when families separate.

  • Criminals are bread mawr costs to the state.

  • Happens.

  • Um, and it ended up, ends up having a real cost on society.

  • And he's done some incredible work.

  • Um, also through, ah, prisoners and prison reform when they're actually have contact with their families, especially female prisoners.

  • Um, they tend to really reveal rehabilitate quicker.

  • And it's a whole fascinating process and concept in something that he really described ah lot about today and told about the work that he's done, um, in the House of Lords.

  • And it was it was just an absolutely amazing conversation.

  • He also spoke about how religion is something that really, deeply moves him, and it was fascinating to hear his take on religion on life in the city on sometimes how to even put those two in the same category.

  • How do you have religion while you're also working in a place that's literally idolized?

  • His money and thes things meant so much to me because you know, when I was seven years old, I suffered from a parental divorce That put me in a very similar situation as Lord Farmer, where I felt like I was a rock.

  • I was an island, and I couldn't trust people because people would hurt me emotionally, and he felt the same way.

  • And so we both went into this self reliance.

  • You know, adventure.

  • Um, that both left us, uh, sent us to financial district.

  • I went to Wall Street.

  • He went here to London.

  • I came to London later, and but later we also found that there was more to life than money and about our own success.

  • And it was more about giving back.

  • And it's a fascinating conversation I had with him.

  • His son is George Farmer, who we got on the show, and his daughter in law is Candace Owens, who was also had on the show.

  • And, uh, they're one big family, together with a lot of the same core values, uh, conservative values, uh, valuing the family and valuing religion.

  • And we had an incredible to our and 20 minute conversation.

  • Um, that we've just streamed live on YouTube, and, uh, we'll have it up there.

  • Um, and also a great look into what happens behind the scenes here in government.

  • And, um, what happens in the House of Lords versus the House of Commons?

  • And it was just a real pleasure.

  • And what an incredible man.

  • Um, so humble, so genuine.

  • You know, when you hear someone is a lord, uh, and is worth, you know, uh, you know, has $2 billion in assets.

  • You might think there a certain way.

  • And Lord Michael Farmer is completely the opposite, Uh, one of the most, uh, fun guys humbling men and really doing God's work in a way that was just just amazing energy to be around.

  • So I'm feeling really blessed today.

  • Um, tomorrow is my nine year anniversary of the first episode of London Real.

  • We've come a long way, baby.

  • Ah, Long way.

  • And, um, I have all of you to think so I feel very grateful today and very blessed myself that I could have this conversation stream.

  • It's all of you because this wouldn't be possible without all of you.

  • It wouldn't be possible if I was doing this on my own.

  • And hopefully, um, you get a look into a man's soul who you might not have a chance to bump into in your life or who you might not agree or think you would agree on things.

  • But trust me.

  • Spend a couple hours with, uh, board farmer, and you'll find out that as a human, you'll have a lot in common to him a lot more than you might think.

  • No matter where you're from around the world, no matter what your politics are, no matter what your anything is spend some time with this man and be blown away by who he is and and how incredible we are as a human species.

  • That's what I'd like to say.

  • That's what I'm constantly reminded of when people come into my studio.

  • People of all different, uh, nationalities, religions, political spectrums, creeds, colors, races.

  • And yet we are all one as humans and, uh, proved again again today, it was proven to me, has been proven to me literally 1000 times by the conversations I've had here, and yet it still continues to move me emotionally and blow me away, and I am loving this journey.

  • I'm on, and I'm so a privilege to be.

  • And I'm honored to be on this journey, and I'm grateful.

  • So thank you all so much.

  • Uh, for making today happen and making all of this happened and I pledge to you I will continue because I love doing this and I feel so connected.

  • And I feel like I'm really doing an incredible incredible service, and I'm again grateful to be able to do this work.

  • So thank you, Lord Michael Farmer for taking a chance on me today and bearing your soul, uh, for everyone to see.

  • And I highly encourage everybody to go check out that rink.

  • You can also go toe luneville that TV four slash farmer toe.

  • Watch the whole thing as well.

  • Unedited, unscripted, uncensored Rheal London riel.

  • Thank you.

So I have just finished an incredible two hour plus conversation with Lord Michael Farmer.

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WOW! ? BLOWN AWAY TODAY By The Sincerity, Humilty & Passion of LORD MICHAEL FARMER - Thank You Sir!

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