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  • How do we get tourists back in town?

  • Because I'm guessing a chunk of your traffic has been tourists.

  • Oh, yeah, Definitely.

  • Not a lot.

  • But way actually.

  • Get quite a bit of tourists were not in a tourist destination like Leicester Square or etcetera.

  • Um, but having tourists back would be wonderful.

  • E guess you gotta allow them into the country in the first place, don't you?

  • Yeah.

  • I don't know.

  • The restrictions on countries coming in here, I don't know, but, um, my understanding is there's a hotel.

  • Here are other location.

  • Who?

  • Most of the clientele are Americans.

  • They can't open yet because no Americans coming over on there like, well, point us opening when 90% of our clients from the states Yeah.

  • Do you have any thoughts on transport?

  • I mean, I was riding in a couple black cabs recently, and they've expressed how frustrating it is just to move around in the city.

  • They said businessman before would have five meetings a day.

  • Now they can only have two meetings today because of the covert barriers, and things were shut down.

  • And the mayor has said only public transport and going certain places to encourage cycling.

  • I'm wondering if you've seen any blowback of that here because of transport?

  • No, not particularly.

  • No, I haven't.

  • I mean, I think that that is another huge challenge for them is having public transport, letting people back on the having people comfortable with going on the trains as well.

  • Um, the solution to that, I have no idea.

  • That's a big problem that maybe Mr Khan put his mind to.

  • Hey, gets paid more than may.

  • Well, and you brought up Mr Khan.

  • What if you got to be the next mayor of London, what would you do?

  • What would be the first thing you would do to change that would help.

  • Not only your situation here, but other fellow entrepreneurs in your situation.

  • So one of the first two or three things you would change, G.

  • That's a very good question.

  • I don't No, I don't know.

  • The answer to that would have.

  • Probably think.

  • Okay, maybe.

  • What would dio listen to your outdoor space?

  • Yeah.

  • I mean, I mean, yeah, outdoor space support.

  • I mean, there's so many things that he could be doing.

  • Um, but I think the first thing is promoting London is a safe space.

  • I think that's the big thing to do.

  • Coming to London.

  • Enjoy your time.

  • I mean it z empty of tourists now.

  • So it come into if you're English tourists and such.

  • Come in and go to the Tower of London and go and see these.

  • Everything's and Andi check it out.

  • Come and stay.

  • You know, that's important.

  • I've heard the Westminster on the West end cos they're trying to do that to promote London is a place to come, But yeah, I'm not seeing it necessarily, e.

How do we get tourists back in town?

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TOURISM BACK ON TRACK?: "Having Tourists In London Back Would Be Wonderful." - Peter Dore-Smith

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/18
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