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  • What should the government do when it comes to business and entrepreneurs?

  • I know you said we shouldn't necessarily criticize them, but if there was an ideal world, should they just let them get to it as meaning like tax him as little as possible, tryto keep the red tape to a minimum.

  • What do you think the government can do to make pro business and pro pro innovation in this time?

  • I don't know, really.

  • What I do think about government is that for the most part, I think it was going to say for the most part, I was going to say in senior government we have pretty good people, but even that's not really true as we know.

  • But in middle governments and lower government, you know, the average Senator MP, they're not very good.

  • So they honestly I wouldn't employ them as middle management.

  • Most of them self interest on why?

  • Because nobody like myself.

  • You know, I'm interested in politics.

  • I'd love to get in and change things and make things happen.

  • I'm not going to go into politics because we have a culture at the moment that wants to kick everybody up the bum if you're in politics, egged on by the press on while that culture exists, honestly, we the people get what we deserve is not that the politicians about it's just that we will never get really, really great politicians because we're trying to trip them up the entire time on.

  • Actually, the press have a great deal to answer for, you know, I mean, the press, the press sell newspapers and the idea that they constantly looking at bad news on trying to trip people up and make people wrong and actually, if you get you know, it's corny to say it.

  • But the Second World War atmosphere is where behind you were in this together we're all in this together, you know, the planet is rocking through culture and space, and everything's okay, but that what the worse it gets in respect of what I'm talking about.

  • The closer we get to something changing because it will change eventually, but it has gone on for a long time.

  • So I think, um, you know, government will do what it does on entrepreneurs.

  • I think one thing is interesting.

  • Is you getting so many more young entrepreneurs now who are making a great deal of money when they're very young.

  • What are they going to do with the rest of their lives when they make that much money when they're 30 and what are they going to do with their money now?

  • Some of your viewers will say, And Bill Gates is a good example.

  • Obviously, women in the gates and have done really, really good things.

  • They, some of your viewers, will conspiracy theory and say, No, they're awful people.

  • I'm telling you, they're not.

  • You met that?

  • Yeah, I have.

  • I don't know very well.

  • I sat next to Bill Gates.

  • That dinner once way had a short conversation.

  • Somebody said, What was your conversation?

  • I said he leaned forward to me, looked me straight in the as you pass the salt, Would you?

  • That's about as close as I've got to Bill Gates.

  • But you know, I think he's a good guy.

  • And them, um you know, I mean, what will these young people do?

  • They got the rest of their life for the most part.

  • I reckon they're good people on they.

  • They're not just going to you after a while, you just making more and more money.

  • You wanna do something with this life?

  • That's what gives you really happen, riel.

  • Happiness as I get older, um, doing something, helping other people, making a difference.

  • You know, I've got my ego and I love doing stuff like this, but, you know, doing that gives you real happiness.

  • So that's what we want is happiness.

  • So it's a selfish motive, Yeah.

What should the government do when it comes to business and entrepreneurs?

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