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  • a lot of people See you, Ed.

  • And they see a really successful guy.

  • Ah, guy that's in shape.

  • That's kind of a master of his domain.

  • And, you know, when you say happiness, they might think, Well, I'd expect sad guru to say that.

  • Or does Jodi spends it to say that, but for you, you think we can all have happiness now and I find that really interesting.

  • I also find it juxtaposed with your social media following your massive on social ed.

  • And, you know, in this space, over two million followers on Instagram.

  • And that's the place where I find most people go to get unhappy, you know, because they're bombarded with people that are always doing something better to them.

  • I always tell my my members of my academy, there's always someone out there is better looking than you is.

  • A better looking wife has a bigger car has of this and that.

  • And because of technology, we're plugged into this comparison platform.

  • How do you get those things in your head again?

  • This technology is a new thing.

  • Really, Andi.

  • Yet it seems to sometimes make us unhappier.

  • So just curious what your what you read is on that.

  • Well, I think I talk about happiness a lot because I well, first off is what everybody wants.

  • We think we want the car, but really, how the car will make us feel we think that card will make us out.

  • We want the jet.

  • We want the relationship because of what we think.

  • We want those emotions.

  • And so I think I talked about it a lot because I have sought it out all my life.

  • And when I was young, I really was that person that thought I called blissful Dissatisfaction is the way that you should live, is which that you can live blissfully now and still be dissatisfied.

  • People conflate those things, and I think, Well, if I'm unhappy, I'm also I If I If I allow myself to be happy, I'll lose all my drive.

  • You could be simultaneously dissatisfied with where you are and still blissful.

  • And I never understood that when I was young, and so I think we're asking me how old I was before we started.

  • One of the reasons maybe I looked a little bit older was the stress I put myself under is a young man, delaying bliss until a particular destination.

  • And every time I get there, I moved the goalpost, mawr and Mawr, and I was never happy.

  • And it finally occurred to me I had a couple of different incidents take place.

  • But it's just finally occurred to me that I could be happy in myself now and really what it comes down to it.

  • It sounds corny from a big entrepreneur guy, but it's accepting and loving yourself as you are, but not accepting and loving the destination you're at.

  • So I love the man.

  • I am at any place.

  • But I'm not dissatisfied with my I.

  • I am dissatisfied with my location.

  • Even to this day.

  • I want to improve.

  • I wanna grow.

  • Sometimes I think it's a disease or an illness of mine.

  • But I've learned to enjoy myself as I'm growing a Zaim, improving as I'm moving to the next level and social media is absolutely that place I have to guard against it.

  • Oh wow.

  • Gary V had 17,000 comments on that post minded that you know, I even I struggle with that stuff.

  • All comparison is a formula for misery, all comparison and what often we do.

  • Brian is one of the most insidious forms of comparison in comparison to our former self.

  • So if we're not in that relationship anymore that we wish we were still in, we compare or maybe the relationship we're in.

  • We compared to the sixth week when it was blissful, and we're getting to know each other now.

  • We're in the 60 year and we compared to what it was then to now, and it's not the same.

  • And that hurts us or we lamented decision we've made.

  • I'm really become good at not comparing me to former versions of me or to other people that I see.

  • That is something that has brought me great joy that I didn't have when I was younger.

  • I don't think I've ever heard anyone say that comparison is the most dangerous thing.

  • You know, there's a lot of people say Stay away from this and stay away from that But I mean, that must take a lot of mental discipline to catch yourself when you're comparing because we're probably doing it hundreds of thousands of times a day.

  • I literally catch myself doing it and I go scratch it.

  • I'm not kidding.

  • I go scratch it.

  • Scratch it.

  • I almost I'm old enough that I can picture a record or a DVD player literally being stretched.

  • I don't want to even be in my unconscious, my subconscious mind where it comes back because all miseries of comparison and we may not realize that we're not really that upset with where we are, What we are is what happens is we compare it to where we think we should be in that very comparisons.

  • What brings us misery?

  • We're happy to be breathing.

  • We're happy to be alive.

  • We're happy we woke up.

  • It's the immediate comparison to what could be used to be should be or somebody else's be does.

  • That brings us the sadness, the angst, the anxiety, the worry, the frustration is always comparison.

  • And I would I would encourage everybody to evaluate this.

  • The next time you feel these negative emotions, you don't want all the ones I just listed.

  • You're comparing to something you don't have or a place you are not, or someone else's life every single time.

a lot of people See you, Ed.

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HAPPINESS & COMPARISON: Why You Should Not Compare Your Happiness With Other People's - Ed Mylett

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/08
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