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  • - All right, so I'm here in the pool.

  • Busting out a workout my swim instructor Bartek gave me.

  • He's the same guy that trained me

  • for my Ironman race a couple of years ago.

  • And that this is a total of two kilometres today,

  • all these drills and stuff like that and

  • you know, I meet a lot of people and they say,

  • "I can't swim, I never was good at swimming."

  • The truth is,

  • I couldn't do 10 laps before my Ironman,

  • without getting totally exhausted.

  • And for the Ironman, I did 1.8 kilometres in a river,

  • at 47 years old.

  • I'm 49 now,

  • and I swim every week now.

  • I really got the bug and I love it.

  • We do butterfly, we do freestyle, we do all sorts of stuff.

  • So, I would just say to anybody out there,

  • this is an incredible workout,

  • its an incredible way to go easy on the joints.

  • George Saint Pierre, shout out to MMA fighter

  • loves the pool because it's easy on his joints and

  • you'd be amazed what you can do

  • if you just get over your initial fears and,

  • also being in the water, there's something primal about it,

  • something amazing.

  • So anyways, get in the pool, get fit, and get out there.

  • Big love.

- All right, so I'm here in the pool.

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    Summer posted on 2020/10/08
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