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  • it's crazy also this myth that we're all gonna work from home for the next year.

  • Um, first of all, it's not viable.

  • The work isn't the same.

  • And here's the news for anyone thinking they're just gonna sit at home for the next six months.

  • Pretty soon your company is gonna realize that they don't need you in England and your job could go overseas because the reason they have a headquarters in London is because of the city of London.

  • It's the proximity of ideas.

  • It's the culture.

  • It's the innovation.

  • That's why you have a hub in England.

  • If you're, say, a multinational company, you don't have it because someone's in Kent and someone's over here on someone's over here.

  • They're pretty gonna realize Wait a second.

  • We can have you in the Philippines, you in South America, you somewhere else.

  • And then everyone's job is gone.

  • So this is my message to all the big banks in the city and all the big law firms.

  • You need to really think about proactively getting your people back in the city in a safe way.

  • Otherwise, yeah, you're gon you're gone.

  • Yeah, but xyz the workforce that need to realize that somebody in the Philippines, if you're in a sort of media data import, you know it based job with a lot of people.

  • Are you sitting in front of the computer all day?

  • Sure, you could argue that you could do it from home, but the example you've just given somebody in the Philippines will do your job.

  • Forget 40 or £50,000 a year.

  • You will do it for £10,000 a year.

  • You won't have any sick by any holiday.

  • Pay any six schemes or travel schemes, and it worked 18 hours a day and you'll be out of work on.

  • Then the coffee shop next door will go bust and the whole economy comes down.

  • That's not what London's about London's about people coming into the center doing what they do in the center, interacting.

  • You know what they call the water cooler chat.

  • Don't quite know that one come from either.

  • I don't even like water, but it's interacting with people.

  • You get ideas, you're buzzing.

  • Andi, that's what London needs.

  • It's a you know, a lot of people sitting in their front room zone.

  • I would question you actually, how good.

  • It is a lot of people's mental health not getting out as much and spending not being able to define your workplace in your home place.

  • There's no definition andan one becomes the other and it's no longer a place to relax ation.

  • It's your place of work on all of those problems.

  • People are not taken into account and but the country's a mess.

  • Cove is a mess.

  • The mayor on borrows a ruin in London.

  • I'm really, really worried about it.

  • Can't be the only one.

  • Well, I know I'm not.

  • Why?

  • Why?

  • My wife?

  • Why stop my wife?

it's crazy also this myth that we're all gonna work from home for the next year.

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WORKING FROM HOME - STEVE MCNAMARA - How The Myth Of Working From Home Will Not Benefit The City

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/08
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