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  • What are the questions one needs to ask oneself?

  • Well, I think one needs to look at what bounty and blessings have I received from the universe that I want to acknowledge and celebrate.

  • What do I want to celebrate about today?

  • What happened today, that I can celebrate that I could be grateful for.

  • And rather than waking up in the morning, I didn't get enough sleep and going to bed at night with I didn't get enough done, which is book ending your day scarcity.

  • I think this is interesting for us to think about how many times a day that tape plays not enough, not just in money.

  • How many times and not enough shows up?

  • But what if we woke up in the morning and are so grateful for the sweet territory of silence and sleep and you can wake up that way?

  • You can actually tell yourself to do that.

  • Our mind is very obedient, even if it's just four hours and be grateful for that.

  • And then at the end of the day, rather than looking at what didn't get done, that's going to dribble over into tomorrow, which is where we mostly end up each day to look at what I accomplish today.

  • What I celebrate today today, Um, every day it's such a blessing.

  • You see the abundance of water rain falling from the sky.

  • There's an abundance of water.

  • There's an abundance off alive nous.

  • There's an abundance of joy in the dog that's going past you there and so to recognize, to see the abundance that surrounded, even if you're very poor in the eyes of the world, the abundant is always there around you, but you need to recognize it, acknowledge it.

  • And another word for that is gratitude.

  • I know I was going to say, That's why I kept a gratitude journal for years.

  • 3.5 minutes of pure gratitude about three things.

  • And I pick one of those three to be simple, because I don't wanna be the astronaut that, you know, he went to the moon.

  • That was his idea adventure.

  • And then they all come back.

  • Depressed is what I do for the rest of my life.

  • So the wind in my face you know, my Children's faces, um, anything.

  • And the reason for gratitude is the two motions that messes up the most our fear and anger.

  • Yeah, and you can't be grateful and fearful simultaneously.

  • Don't go together and you can't be angry and grateful simultaneously.

  • Gratefulness is the experience of the great fullness of life.

  • And when you're in the great fullness of life, the bowl of life is so full it's almost overflowing, but not quite not yet dribbling over the edges.

  • And you're one with God, one with the universe.

  • And there is no other when you stand in and live in the great fullness of life, and that gratefulness is so powerful that it overflows into a fountain full of life.

  • And that puts you in this other branch of gratitude he calls Thanksgiving on.

  • When you're in the branch of gratitude called Thanksgiving, the bullet flight is overflowing, and you're so grateful that there's an other because all you want to do is give and share and serve and contribute, and that's so fulfilling.

  • It puts you back in the great full of life, so so you can live in that cycle.

  • You can actually live in that cycle, no matter what your financial circumstances.

  • You also say, acknowledging the good that is already in your life is the foundation for all abundance.

  • Yes, And again many people make that mistake because they believe that there is nothing good in my life.

  • And that's absurd.

  • It means they're not present.

  • They're trapped in certain stories in their heads which tell them continuously that there is nothing good in my life.

  • And if they only opened their eyes and looked around now, abundant, you need to recognize that as coming from within.

  • You, abundant is not something that external things come to you that make you abundant.

  • Abundant is the energy that that flows out off you out of the being off who you are into this world.

  • Is it gratitude, uh, in itself an energy field that draws mawr to you, isn't it?

  • It's own vibrational frequency.

  • It draws more to you and that that's what I interpreted you're saying, is it?

  • Gratitude is its own energy field and that when you acknowledge and are grateful for what ever you had when you conceive e and feel the gratitude, experience the gratitude in whatever you have that changes your vibrational frequency literally yes, and allows mawr to be drawn to you.

  • Yes, it changes your entire reality.

  • It changes the way in which you experience life.

  • It changes your world here in this moment.

  • What is it in this moment that I can be great?

  • Be grateful for, Yeah.

What are the questions one needs to ask oneself?

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Gratitude - Inspirational Video with Eckhart Tolle & Tony Robbins

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