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  • you think we're living in a simulation right now and we're just talking about this as uploaded, But I think we have no idea what is the fundamental basis of our reality.

  • I mean, that's about the mind.

  • The idea that we're living in the virtual reality simulation that's in some way and I'll just to a video game seems highly unlikely to me.

  • But I think that's kind of a lack of imagination, really.

  • But I mean the idea that there is some reality outside the reality that we know about probably there is.

  • We're probably very ignorant.

  • I mean, I think about my my dogs at home.

  • When they watch me sitting at the computer, where did they think I'm doing?

  • Like I'm guarding this physical object.

  • I'm wiggling my fingers to get some exercise.

  • They have no idea what I'm doing there.

  • I'm just sitting there.

  • They have no idea.

  • I'm controlling vast networks of computers halfway around the planet, communicating with other people by text or something.

  • I mean, in the similar way.

  • When you get in a I much smarter than human beings, it's probably going to perceive aspects of the world that are totally opaque to us to do our limited scope of cognition.

  • Right?

  • And we're gonna discover the universe something utterly different than what we think it is.

  • But the odds that it's a simulation or a video game seemed very low.

  • It's going to be something we can't even imagine.

  • Wow, And are you gonna live forever or upload your conscious?

  • I certainly hope so.

  • If not, I'm counting on my kids.

  • Teoh, figure out they're being currently Are you gonna digitally print any kids of three D printing the kids?

  • Um, I would.

  • We'll see how things eventually, right?

  • It may be that virtual reality has become become more interesting, but there's certainly that possibility.

  • I would I would love to see Ah, you know, if if if If there's resource is, it would be a lot of fun that have millions of clones of all of us and let them all that virgin in many different directions, right?

  • But this may happen in virtual worlds rather than the physical based reality, right?

  • So we just got ourselves in the virtual world and all these weird clones of us I'm in the process of raising a kid is partly wonderful.

  • because of just the biological constraints on it, right?

  • It's It's not clear that three D printing kids is even going to seem worthwhile to me.

  • I would have loved having Children.

  • It's where the most rewarding parts of life, but it's really is.

  • I mean, it's sort of bound up with the whole traditional biological way of being right.

  • I mean, what what gives our lives meaning right?

  • Well, we think it does give our lives meaning right now, but there's a lot of there's probably a lot of other ways to drive, meaning in the universe.

  • Also, like I would like to fork myself in the multiple copies and let one remain biological and keep producing kids in the in the good, old fashioned way, which has its rewards also and have another version of being live in the virtual world.

  • Work and take any physical form it likes.

  • And another version like give up its humanity and marriage with superhuman godman like you're not limited to just just one future.

  • You you could make many copies and do many different things, and then you're in three different realities and you communicate with each other or not.

  • You can.

  • But it will be interesting because the version the version of you that uploaded to become one with superhuman God mind, may be evolving it 10 billion times the speed of the human version of you, Right?

  • So it wouldn't necessarily have must just say that human version between each word.

  • The human version said there would have been, like, billions of years of subjective time by the superhuman mind version that would have drifted off in some totally different different direction.

  • Right?

  • So the the thing is, toe, I hope to live long enough to experience all this.

  • I'm sort of at the cusp, I think, because I mean, I'm 52.

  • So if we really get the singular any about 2045 I'll probably be around by then.

  • I've been reasonably good health, far from far from guaranteed dread.

  • 24 25 years.

  • Yeah, yeah, right, right.

  • I'll be.

  • I mean, my parents were in good health in their mid seventies.

  • I should still be around them, but you never know for sure.

  • On the other end of the singular became in 2070 which what my father predicts right then unless we get some radical medical advances.

  • I'll be dead by then.

  • On the other hand, we're looking at strong potential of radical medical advances, and those could occur even before full on singularities.

  • So I think whether you and I survived to see all this is going to depend on the specific rate of advance of various technologies that that are currently under development.

  • But, I mean, my kids might.

  • My granddaughter, who's 14 months old now they're going to see the singularity unless something really unfortunate happens, which is which is amazing, right?

  • And that's excites you.

  • It does.

  • Uh, that's assuming we don't screw it up and set off some You nuclear missiles were going to screw up a lot of things.

  • And if some nuclear missiles air selloff, that will be tragic.

  • But it probably won't stop the singular the right.

  • I mean that.

  • I think you could kill off billions of people without stopping the singularity from happening.

  • I'm really hoping it doesn't go that direction, but yeah, we we can't rule that out.

  • When you when you look at the you see it the highest, highest levels of government in a million places on the planet right now.

you think we're living in a simulation right now and we're just talking about this as uploaded, But I think we have no idea what is the fundamental basis of our reality.

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LIVING IN A SIMULATION? We Have No Idea Of The Fundamental Basis Of Our Reality | Dr. Ben Goertzel

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