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  • I had guy named Simon Powell on the show back in the day.

  • Think is a book called The Psilocybin Solution.

  • And he always said, Remember he?

  • He said it really loud in the episode.

  • He said, Be with it, whatever it is, be with it.

  • And I remember I remember him, his words echoing back to me, even in ceremony, which is always hard to believe that you'll ever be able to remember those lessons.

  • You know when you're in the experience, but be with it, So don't try to force it away.

  • Don't even try to get run away from it or don't even hope it's over.

  • Be with it for me.

  • It's usually a lot of emotions and pain, and I just gotta be with it and then breathe.

  • That's my equivalent of your rock.

  • I think for me it's just breathe when you breathe.

  • If you keep breathing, you're always gonna be okay.

  • So it's such an important lesson.

  • I mean, anything, you resist persists.

  • That's the old markets really is quote right, but it's so it's so true in psychedelics and psychedelics is like a microcosm.

  • It's like our little doctor strange world, where we get to work out how we might deal with the regular, you know, normal waking world when we're in these experiences.

  • So we learned that that thing that we put so much resistance into is goingto be fueled by that energy.

  • So you're having a dark vision.

  • The dark experience, like the worst thing you can do is try and change it.

  • The best thing you can do is just love it and try to appreciate the beauty of that aspect of polarity as hard as it is.

  • You know, I remember in my darkness retreat, which was something I'm sure we'll get a chance to talk about, which is an incredible experience.

  • Seven days complete darkness, complete silence and then it unlocked.

  • What absolutely felt like, obviously can't prove it, but an indigenous release of GMT.

  • So I was in the vision state for about four days straight, fortunately, had a lot of experience because there would be times where I would see the most horrific things, you know, in the blackness.

  • In these visions, I would see like a wheat thresher that was just threshing over bodies of human beings.

  • I would see, like, sculpt, like all the skulls and kind of imagery of destruction and death and, of course, like you want to turn away.

  • But there's no way to turn away.

  • You're not even on a substance, so there's it's not gonna go away ever, unless you unless you like, sit there and then start to see the beauty of that, you know, destruction, which then leads to creation, right?

  • Like the death that leads to life in that cycle.

  • As they say in Hinduism, Nash, Eva destroys and Brahma creates like that is the cycle of life.

  • And until I was able to just appreciate that, then the wheat thresher goes away, and then the rainbow comes in, and I'm sitting in a beautiful meadow with beautiful trees and flowers that are blooming and bees.

  • And it just changes the minute that I can apply appreciation and love.

  • And it's just like the medicine and your own consciousness is creating this experience for you to experience a lesson, to learn how to love that thing, which you judge that thing, which you find abhorrent.

  • Can you love that, too?

  • And that's the question it's asking you.

  • And if you say yes, I can.

  • Then it's like good job, son, like we'll carry on.

I had guy named Simon Powell on the show back in the day.

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THE PSILOCYBIN SOLUTION: How To Make The Most Of Your Psychedelic Experiences | Aubrey Marcus

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