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  • [Music]

  • everything okay I don't like the look of

  • that they're coming in fast

  • this is a mask Alabama we are an unarmed

  • freighter we have two skiffs approaching

  • with armed intruders potential privacy

  • situation copy Alabama you should have

  • - Let your crew and get your fire hoses ready - Yeah, is that it?

  • - Chances are it's just fishermen. - They're not here to fish.

  • this is not I drilled the rural

  • situation

  • [Music]

  • - You can't let them attach that ladder. - Port 30 degrees.

  • listen up

  • we have been boarded by armed pirates

  • if they find you remember you know this

  • ship they go stick together and we'll be

  • all right

  • everything gonna be okay look at me look

  • at me Shawn I'm the captain now

  • captain Phillips can you hear me captain

  • Phillips can you hear me

  • [Music]


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