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all right.
I guess we got to talk about how it all came undone.
So what happened?
How did the SWAT team come to say hi now?
I met a woman after all my marriages had met a woman fall in love.
You had a lot of women going on.
Well, the stripper motivated means it to do a lot of this.
Was it?
It was.
If you're a character in the scene high up in the underworld, the royal women there are attracted to that way.
You enjoyed that.
I enjoyed that.
Yeah, I'm a test the role.
Testosterone charge 27 year old who's not gonna enjoy that.
And all these women are throwing themselves at you cause you're the kingpin man.
Bisexual wave isn't is inviting women into our relationship.
Her thing?
They're allowed to give us both Orel sex, but then they have to leave, and we have sex ourselves.
That was the line she drew on her wedding day on our wedding day in the Las Vegas Strip.
I'm coming home from the little chapel in the last things that little way, Chuck.
Whatever is a guy swings a sleazy magazine Enough face.
I think we're staying.
It Maybe sees this palace.
So that's my wedding that I want to go sub ruffle.
So I say Cool.
You know, my That's getting away.
What were what?
It falls.
Call the ruffles.
Oh, Tellem.
May my wife wanna come over?
She's bisexual.
No chance.
He's a gentlemen's clubs.
So I'm calling and calling and getting more, more.
That sound she's pouncing.
This isn't gonna happen.
I'm telling them, right?
Call a woman now.
You know, got this this magazine So my hopes have raised again rounding, and they're going to say the same thing.
If I call the woman l they're not gonna do this kind of behavior.
Call an escort agency.
Well, why is bisexual?
It's our wedding day.
Have you got a woman?
Will come out there can accommodate both of us.
Oh, yeah.
Probably saw $150 an hour wherever it waas since one over.
Beautiful brunette, blah, blah blah.
So away for this woman to show up now because I've got relationships with the new Mexican Mafia and the Mexicans in Mexico, I can get coke.
Pure coke.
$12,000 a kilo.
Not like this shit on the streets of love them.
So the wife's got the coke and she's doing some lines.
Escort shows up again.
I'm thinking this isn't gonna go go free once I tell them what we want.
We just got married.
My wife wants oral sex first, then me.
Then you're gonna leave.
That's that.
No problem.
But she looks over the coat.
Do ally?
Yeah, but we live in Arizona.
It's pure stuff.
Will become from what you do.
Oh, I can handle my ship.
Pulls out bank card, pull the rail out.
It's not the line.
Huge line.
Mean wife like, Oh, wife goes first.
She's on the bed.
Andi, the brunettes going down And then I'm getting turned on naturally watching this Figured we'd like my going red in the face Verse bits over.
They jump up The escort wants to do more cocaine.
No huge line.
So by by the time I get on the bed, she's so high on cocaine she grabs my dick with this iron welders grip.
I know I've got a hold on to my nuts because I could have sex with my wife on our wedding day.
So this mind dilemma now how do I not come when this over the top?
Let's go thinking of everything possibly know Margaret Fat share Pythagoras Just trying ti go down in the end it to stop book the sad thing Waas.
Then she did more cocaine.
She so high she starts telling her life story gets picture over, kids in over him back.
Such is new to the business, you know she's supporting the kids.
She got this kid in Nebraska staying with a pair and she's doing things he doesn't necessarily want to do.
Thinks where The coolest couple in the world asking us if she can come back to Arizona with us and all this stuff I'm always like, you know, get rid of my heart's open and I'm really sorry for it goes the toilet, wife says lot.
Even you get rid of her, I will.
So in the end it to say a lot, we got what we got things to do.
She gave us a number and she laughed, but yeah, so that's what went down on our wedding day.
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"IT'S MY WEDDING DAY, I WANT TO GO TO A BROTHEL": Shaun Attwood Talks About His Crazy Marriage Story

21 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 13, 2020
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