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I wanted to jump in with this picture you posted on Instagram because you know it says 1000 words.
And it's the one you posted when you were on duty in D.
C at the protests and riots.
And you're just so uniquely qualified to talk about this because you're on the ground protecting these people and also protecting the citizens.
I don't know of any journalists out there that has the experience.
You have even the real time experience.
And I'm wondering, like, What can you tell us about that experience for you and what's really happening on the ground?
Because the left tells us one thing, and, you know, some media tells us the other thing, but you really got to see it.
What was that experience like it?
And it was interesting.
So I when the riot started, they mobilized the Washington D.
National Guard, which I'm currently a part of.
I was down there shortly thereafter and on the ground in sort of the biggest moments.
When the protest protesters turned rioters were laying siege to Lafayette Park and the White House.
I was actually there the day after what happened with ST John's church and the president.
They're so I.
So I was in the middle of it and around it.
I'll tell you, there were a couple times I was on the riot shields side of the line, and I was waving at and could see the Fox News reporters on the other side.
Great colleagues doing their job.
But it's one thing to be on the other side of the line, and you're right.
Listen, call it news.
Call it opinion.
Call it journalism.
Whatever you want, folks.
In my business, there aren't many really any that I can think of, especially in the hosting side that have a military background.
And so it gives you, ah, flavor, not just of war in peace.
But in that moment when you're holding a riot, shields standing next toe black Americans, black females, white Americans, white females on the line doing their job and you see and hear the reality of the vitriol coming from the so called protesters.
And then you watch the objects fly at you, you watch the fires burn, you watch the clashes with your colleagues, and it really does color the reality of what's happening.
We all know there are peaceful protesters fight We could say that, but you can't lie about.
Even though Democrats are trying to lie about it today is that that has morphed into column.
ANTIFA COLUMN Anarchist column Rioters, criminals, whatever you want to call them domestic terrorists, they're seeking to use this moment to destabilize the United States of America, de legitimize our police forces and use it as opposition to Donald Trump we had on Fox and Friends just two days ago.
We had Jim Clyburn on the South Carolina Democrat.
We interviewed him and I asked him about, You know, he denied that there were any federal buildings under siege in America, let alone in Portland.
And I said, Are you watching another network?
The reality is, we're living in alternate universes.
Even in our conversation, they deny you heard Jerry Nadler deny that Antifa is even a real thing called in a minute.
So having been there, it gives you a sense of what these federal officers air facing the thankless job.
But they have, and the reality that you can't give up a federal courthouse, and if the local officials won't protect it, you need to Andi.
Yet they accused these.
These folks have being the Gestapo and other hyperbolic words like that.
So I try to bring my own on the ground experience to my reporting.
To my commentary on I try to, you know, stay in touch with tons of cops and vets.
Guys still serving saying, God give me the ground truth.
What do you really facing?
That's what people deserve to her here, not unedited version based on what the so called elite media thinks should be happening or things who the bad guy is on.
I try to keep my ear to the ground as much as I can.
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A PICTURE SAYS 1000 WORDS: Pete Hegseth Talks About Being On The Front Line Of The BLM Riots

9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 13, 2020
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