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All right, So you're getting into this underworld.
You're throwing the parties, you got wild, man, who's introducing you to all sorts of types that are now.
And now you're thinking about I'm gonna build this enterprise.
Um, you want to go big, because why not?
And it feels good and you've got the ego in all the connections.
Talk to me about how it starts to get big because you now start needing more people in your organization.
You need to supply the stuff you need security.
You need to worry about law enforcement.
One of those first couple of years, like guessing this stuff.
You know, security came through wild mons apartment parties.
I was at one of them.
I was supplying the ecstasy on a guy comes in Mexican American guy Long dark prison tattoos on his arms, ruggedly handsome and his name G Dog.
And he's supplying the coke and the weed.
And he's got this serious or about him, like, you know, prison toughness.
So where is just chilling out people listening to music?
They were playing some tongue or some European trends on a cop walks in and he goes, I could smell weed from outside.
Nobody moved.
Works in full uniform that?
Tempe police walks in Onda G doctors whips out his gun, pointed the cops face it says the only one is not leaving his You motherfucker.
Everybody wrong.
I've never seen anything this heavy before in my life.
So we all run off into the night.
Now this apartment complex, Rancho Murrieta has got massive buildings, huge buildings, and we can't go operations in various building.
Some people holding the drugs.
You know, some people selling the drugs over here.
So I go into one of those apartments police sirens, everything come in.
We're all right.
We're crapping ourselves.
What should we do?
Should we flush out drugs, Will, you know?
Well, you've remembered everyone that there's no way it could remember we're on this discussion.
Basically, what should we do?
And then all of a sudden, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang on the French window.
Is it?
The cups of what we look out on his G dunk?
He's like, Let me in now allows a very important lessons because of g dug.
It comes in and he says the cops can't get a warrant that fast turn the lights off.
Turn the TV off.
Nobody make a fucking sound.
Nobody answered the door.
People is still wining and thinking we should be flushed the drugs or what?
He was right.
That's what we did.
Cups knocked on the door.
They went next door.
They kept going on the way on, he said.
I actually took him to another property in Phoenix said Look, because you're so hot.
Here comes one of our other properties.
And then he said, because you and your friends protected me, me and my brothers have got your back.
I had no idea what that men's, and it was.
A few mostly said, because my brothers want to meet you, it won't broken, wants to meet you.
So he's got a house in Tempe to Brava.
There's all these cars, these classic lowrider cars outside on bro Grants is the door short guy, bald head wife beat a vest and he's looking up what may like.
You know who is this guy?
And here's Max in is like, damn, you talk funny.
He's like, Come, I guess you must be from England.
He's like, Come in and meet my homeboys, so go into the living room.
There's all these just massive Mexican American guys like steroid, steroid, ID, out prison tats, wife beater vests, shorts down below the knees, slabs of coke, slabs of crystal math.
All these different weighing scales, various guns, A K's many machine guns.
And they're all just looking at me like I don't belong there.
You know, like they want to eat me something, you know, shit, my heart scrimmaging problem.
A chest big one swings, a spoonful of coca more faith likes not this a look at G.
He's like, yeah, snow that if you don't snot it, they think you're undercover all years needs you're gonna take out to the desert.
So I'm looking around the room on DiMaggio.
Did a good version of this in my bank report episode What they condensed to scenes.
They put these guys in L.
A, which didn't actually happen.
It happened in Tempe.
I'm looking around the living room on the got the biggest TV I've ever seen.
Got a little TV showing all the comings and goings on the street on top of the big TV.
I do a double take.
I'm thinking, all right, I've seen I've seen one of them before in a Rambo movie.
Got a rocket propelled grenade launcher on top of the TV.
I still don't know where the off until years later.
But I know this areas.
I end up in business with him.
I'm going over to that house.
And every time I go over the is that lethal atmosphere I'm in and out.
They said to me, Look, if you have get in trouble if you get pulled over leaving here, the cops do not have a right to search your vehicle.
Tell him you're in a hurry.
They don't have probable cause.
Keep going.
Worst case scenario, if they force a search or arrest you.
This is the lawyer we want you to call.
And years later, when everything went down, that was the lawyer that I called.
I would probably still be in prison right now if it wasn't for him.
All right, so these guys were We found out later.
Who were they?
So I'm taking G dog home one night, Right?
Years later, after I've met them.
The whole neighborhood is black down.
The cops have got light ones on their guiding traffic with the light ones.
As we pull up to his brother's house.
They're all being brought out by a federal SWAT team in handcuffs.
And if we got there, but earlier, we would have got caught up in that raid.
But it was news headlines that night, leaders of the new Mexican Mafia, most powerful criminal organization in Arizona.
They were trying to assassinate witnesses.
The head of the prison system judges, you name it.
And I had all the mugshots on the news labor the guys have been dealing with over those years in the house.
Was it always tense with them, or did you guys ever Oh, God.
That was the night of the Ecstasy party.
So way said, we're gonna do ecstasy most of for the first time.
I women, they're coming over.
Brought him the pills.
I got a call in the middle of the night.
We need more pills before now.
If you've ever taken vaccine, you remember your first?
Yes, they want a 2nd 1 So they're all in there like these big smiley sweat.
See, Overgrown said he bows, picking me up, but hugging the life out of me trying to tell me their life stories Way.
Love your pills.
England Moon.
That was the only time that they were ever smiley like that.
Everyone sign that that lethal.
It's so remote.
Did business with them.
Which meant you sold them pills and they distributed for you.
They provided protection, or they got stuff off May and I got stuff off them.
Okay, let's just leave it, OK, fair enough.
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HOW MY EGO CAUSED ME PROBLEMS: How A Mexican Mafia Member Saved Shaun Attwood's Life In Arizona

85 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 12, 2020
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