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And what are some of the crazy things you used to dio like people thought you were crazy.
Yeah, well, I think most of it a lot of it.
Just just with spillover from Wildman, because people just saw me.
And Well, man Wildman was just known Stop way we went.
We went into a bar one time like a biker bar, Rufus Place.
And we put shoots in pool on the giant walks in like a proper almost Andre, the giant sized guy.
I've never seen anything like this before in my life.
Andi, everyone just turns around.
Looks at the giant.
Now, when Wildman is gonna do something dangerous, he has this characteristic were one of his eyebrows goes up.
Michael was a 90 degree angle and I see his eyebrow go up and I say, Look, pizza.
Don't do anything.
Come on.
We're just chilling out.
We just have in the game a pill, but he can't help himself, is just attracted to anything dangerous.
He walks over to the giant, holds his hands out, says hello, I'm Peter.
What's your name?
And the giant cells in his name on Wildman won't let it go of his hand squeezing his hand.
And he's been out for like, a week.
He's not slept for a week on crack and crystal math.
His eyes, it just completely brought blood red.
So psychopathic.
So he's got this is looking up this giant squeezing honey goals.
If I were you, I'd be in the circus.
You fucking freak tangos.
What did you just say?
Well, ago.
You fucking hired me.
If I were you, I'd be in the circus.
You fucking Frank!
Whole bar is watching.
I don't think God.
And in the end, they would just start each other for a while on everything.
Just come down.
The giant did no step up and try and fight.
Well, money could see this.
This guy was small in but dangerous.
They made friends while man called me over.
They took me outside.
The giant showed us his car.
Especially made see in the back of his car because he risks notes All that's how he sat in his car.
He gave us his number.
He said he would come around through the rounds that collected I lost his number.
You todo money A while non shows up like 1/7 e would have just added to the insanity.
Well, that was like that.
You're still out of your mind.
Do you miss those days?
I look at it.
Look at it as a phase that I went through.
Did you miss it a little bit?
Because I know if I tried to do anything like that now I'll probably die.
I'm lucky to be alive of all of my friends dead.
And look it.
Look back with nostalgia, but I don't want to repeat it.
Okay, But you're not.
You don't regret it.
I do.
And I don't, because more than nervous breakdown, my sis, that's up counseling.
I could see.
You know, I broke down and cried.
Listen to my dad.
Ask a judge for leniency up my senses in hearing on seeing the pain and suffering on the faces of my family.
Makes me sick to my stomach is to this day so you don't want to put your family first.
And that's another thing I tell the kids.
They're only overhand.
I say to the kids, they say, Would you do it again to say yes and no?
Yes, because I had to go through it to grow up to learn the lessons.
It's brought me to speak to you today, and it takes me to all these kids and ever imagine to be doing all this talking to kids.
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HOW I ACTED WHEN I WAS HIGH: The Day That Shaun Attwood Offered To Fight 'Andre The Giant' In A Pub

49 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 12, 2020
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