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It's been a little while since you got some decent fresh air and exercise, so you decided,
“Hey, why not put on my running shoes and go for a hike on the nearby forest trail.”
But on this very specific occasion, some light exercise is about to be extremely bad for
your health - as you've just wandered into one of the hunting grounds of Siren Head,
a 40-foot-tall monster from the demented mind of horror king Trevor Henderson.
Before you can even figure out what's going on, you're hearing random words and numbers
being screamed at you over a crackly old intercom.
You look over your shoulder and see it approach.
A huge, gangling figure, emerging from the trees, arms outstretched to grab you.
That's right, Siren Head is coming right for you, and he means business.
Are you going to end up like countless others, spirited away to an unknown but surely horrible
Will the details of your disappearance be playing out of Siren Head's siren head as
he stalks his next victim?
Not if we have anything to say about it!
The chips may be down for you, but listen up.
We're about to figure out how to go toe to toe with this mythical internet monster
in “You Vs Siren Head - How To Defeat and Survive Him.”
Pay close attention.
If ever this monster catches you with your pants down, remembering this video might just
save your life.
But first, you know the drill.
It's a truth universally acknowledged in the art of combat that you can't defeat
what you don't understand.
What exactly is Siren Head?
What makes this creature so dangerous, what are its combat capabilities, and does it have
any apparent weaknesses?
According to the wider Trevor Henderson mythos, Siren Head is the physical expression of a
more cosmic being interacting with our universe.
As mentioned before, he's forty feet tall, with incredibly long yet powerful limbs.
His body appears to be withered or rotted flesh.
As the name suggests, the creature's head is, in fact, a functioning siren with two
siren horns.
In each horn, the creature has working jaws and teeth, though he apparently doesn't
need to eat in order to survive - so you won't be starving this thing to death any time soon.
While it's unknown whether Siren Head has any higher-level intelligence or abstract
reasoning like human beings and some of the other entities we've fought on this show,
like Pennywise The Dancing and The Predator, the creature undeniably has a killer instinct.
It knows how to isolate its prey in remote locations, camouflage itself as trees, telephone
poles, and street lamps, and effortlessly swoop in for the kill.
While hearing this may be sending shivers down your spine already, don't fret.
This is actually a good thing.
Allow us to explain.
Like most real-life predators out in the wild, Siren Head follows certain tried and true
behavioural patterns in order to capture its prey.
This not only makes the creature predictable - and gives you certain solid dos and don'ts
if you want to avoid an encounter altogether - by analysing the predatory patterns of Siren
Head, you can gather valuable information about some of its strengths and weaknesses.
For starters, let's take a look at the creature's natural habitat and hunting grounds.
According to official lore, Siren Head avoids population centres, instead prowling around
remote areas or, on some occasions, quiet rural areas.
On occasion, Siren Head has appeared in more urban areas, such as behind isolated motels,
but the consistent factor is that Siren Head avoids engagements with large groups of people
at all costs.
The greatest number of recorded people Siren Head has been able to engage with at once
has been a family of four who disappeared from their suburban home - but considering
two of these four were children, the point still stands.
Siren Head is an ambush predator, not the kind of combatant comfortable with taking
on large groups of adults.
It's even been known to spend long periods of time utterly motionless between attacks,
blending in with its surroundings.
We can learn two extremely valuable things from this: First, you can potentially avoid
a Siren Head encounter altogether if you stick to densely populated areas.
Second, if Siren Head is hesitant to engage with large groups, it does imply that the
creature is vulnerable to being defeated or even killed if enough people with enough firepower
back it into a proverbial corner.
While it may be the physical expression of a more powerful cosmic being, that physical
vessel can still presumably be destroyed, if you're smart and/or lucky enough.
But let's get back to what intel we have on this mysterious being.
We know now that Siren Head is an ambush predator that isolates its prey before moving in for
the kill.
What does Siren Head have in the way of actual combat abilities?
While this may not seem possible for a being of uncertain higher intelligence, Siren Head
is a master of psychological warfare.
It has certain traits and abilities that can induce such a state of terror that victims
may be tempted to throw in the towel before it even gets within grabbing range.
The creature's immense height and its zombie-like rotten skin makes it extremely frightening
at first glance, and its grotesque siren head is enough to make anyone freeze up.
And that hesitation can be deadly, as Siren Head is known to move at startling speeds.
If you let your guard down for even a few seconds, it'll probably be the death of
But it's more than just the look of Siren Head that drives its victims into states of
mortal panic.
This beast has a terrifying mastery over sound.
Not only does it speak in creepy gargled snippets of music, numbers, and recorded dialogue out
of its two sirens, it also plays the disappearance reports of its previous victims, heightening
the sense of doom that surrounds the creature.
But it's not just the psychological advantage, either.
Trevor Henderson has stated that Siren Head is capable of manipulating any device that
can play audio, from car radios to cell phones.
Not only is this terrifying, it can also effectively prevent you from calling for help in your
hour of need.
Without backup already on the way, Siren Head can stalk, isolate, and attack you when you're
most vulnerable.
This is one of the things that makes the creature so deadly - it never engages in a fair fight.
It waits until you're most vulnerable and alone - whether you're hiking in the forest
or just walking home from work down quiet suburban streets.
Then, it strikes with overwhelming force, ending things before they've even really
And I'm sorry to tell you this, but if Siren Head has caught you while you're alone,
unarmed, and not expecting an attack, then there's probably nothing you can do to save
Though if it's any consolation, you'll at least find out what happens to all the
other people who disappeared...Before it happens to you, too.
In other words, there are really only two ways to come out on top when it comes to Siren
Head: Either stick to a densely populated urban area and avoid the conflict altogether,
or arm yourself and take the fight to him - seeing as humans actually looking for Siren
Head would probably surprise even the creature itself.
That's right, the time for cowering in fear is over.
We're gonna teach you how to go Siren Head hunting.
Firstly, you're gonna need to find some likeminded individuals with nerves of steel.
As we've already discussed, Siren Head will avoid group engagements whenever possible,
so pulling together a competent hunting party of at least ten people will be your first
How you do this is up to you - whether it's putting up a flier outside your local biker
bar, or posting a “Monster Hunters Wanted” ad on Craigslist.
As long as you can find some tough, motivated individuals willing to follow you into a nightmare,
you're good to go.
Next, equipment and weaponry.
Seeing as nobody has ever engaged in active combat with Siren Head, we can't know for
certain what its physical vulnerabilities are, so it's better to be safe than sorry.
But first, let's quickly discuss what you shouldn't bring.
Rifles and machine guns are a no-no.
Siren Head has the unfortunate combination of being rail thin and lightning fast, and
as a result, you're unlikely to land a shot on this thing unless you have John Wick level
marksmanship skills.
And let's be honest here, folks, none of us do.
And with a machine gun, you're also unlikely to hit the beast, as well as probably scare
it into hiding with the noise of sustained gunfire.
Unless you plan on going full Joker and burning the forest down with Siren Head inside - which,
by the way, we don't recommend - leave the machine guns and Molotov Cocktails at home.
In terms of firearms, we'd recommend arming your party with some sturdy, reliable pump-action
shotguns with a nice, wide spread.
Considering Siren Head is likely to be unseen until it strikes, you'll want a defensive
firearm where accuracy doesn't matter quite as much.
If the entity does attack and you're lucky enough to land a shot at centre mass, even
if it doesn't kill it, it'll likely reduce its speed and combat effectiveness.
A battle with Siren Head is less likely to be a straightforward one-on-one confrontation,
and more like a tense and deadly game of cat and mouse.
If possible, you'll want to equip yourself and your team with body armour - with durable
stab vests probably being your best option.
We don't exactly know how Siren Head kills its victims, but it's unlikely that it's
with a well-concealed Glock 40, so ballistic armour wouldn't do you much good.
Taking a leaf out of Silent Hill's book, equipping each party member with a radio is
also a good idea.
And we're not even talking about communication here.
We already know that Siren Head has the ability to disrupt any kind of audio technology, but
while this seems like a strength, it can also be exploited as a weakness.
Strange audio disruption can be used to track the beast, and the more messed up the transmission
becomes, the closer you are to your target.
To find where Siren Head is currently located, your best bet will be using records of local
disappearances to triangulate the general position of his whereabouts.
He's been known to lurk in forests, abandoned graveyards, mountainous regions, and occasionally
suburban neighbourhoods with street lamps.
Focusing your attention on streaks of disappearances in these areas will probably be your best
bet at setting up a Siren Head encounter.
Finally, battle tactics - What actions will you need to perform in order to make sure
this encounter goes your way?
We recommend designating one member of your Siren Head hunting party as bait, and sending
them out around thirty to fifty feet in front of you, mimicking the kind of isolated prey
that Siren Head typically goes for.
The rest of you will want to maintain stealth to ensure that the entity doesn't realise
it's being led into a trap.
If it realises what you're doing before you have a chance to spring your trap, then
at best, it won't show, and at worst, you and your party are in real trouble.
If you have time, utilising booby traps like bear traps and pits could also potentially
increase your chances.
Siren Head is an agile creature, but if one of its feet happen to end up in a bear trap,
it'll almost certainly slow it down a little.
Like almost any combat engagement, the decisive moments of the battle will likely only boil
down to a few key moments when everything unfolds.
If Siren Head does indeed attempt to take the bait, or gets caught in one of your traps,
you and your hunting team can't hold anything back.
Once the creature is in your sights, it's time to blow it to smithereens.
If your team all train their shotguns on the creature and give it hell, then chances are,
it won't come out feeling swell.
Even if you only manage to wound the creature and it retreats, you can turn the tables and
give chase as the predator becomes the prey.
If you're relentless enough, you may even be able to chase this creature down and finish
it off once and for all, and forever rid the world of the horror of Siren Head.
And all it took was a little planning, team work, and firepower to finally win the day.
It's just a real shame that, even without Siren Head, the horrifying monster mythos
of Trevor Henderson has plenty more nightmarish entities that can still make you disappear.
But that's a problem for another video...
Check out the rest of our You Vs playlist for more advice on combating some of fiction's
scariest beasts and bad guys, from Pennywise to Michael Myers!
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YOU vs SIREN HEAD – How Could You Defeat and Survive It?

49 Folder Collection
Summer published on August 12, 2020
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