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What was it like leaving?
So leaving?
I had to go on.
Connor, we're seeing the movie can of Nicolas Cage.
So Khanna picks me up in Arizona on its federal deportation.
So one of the only green go a bunch of Mexicans I could speak a bit of Mexican Spanish at this point in time.
Some communicate with them.
So the guards, I've got my role to fill again.
Coming in handy things.
Planes going across Arizona and California for a couple of days, dropping herself, put us in jail cells.
And then eventually they put me on a flight from L.
A to London.
I'm in a prison van.
Are you released it this point?
Okay, I got released from prison to a deportation prison.
And then I've got to do my Kona because I'm bad for America for life.
So they got with Twellman.
When they deport him, they have armed guards.
Are guards like proper protection officers on the plane with them?
But for me, I wasn't themes dangerous.
So the guard says to me at the foot off the plane, I'm gonna take the chains off now.
Don't try anything stupid.
I'm like No, I just want to go home.
And I mean, we're gonna put you on a plane firstly dot Skirt of passengers with chains and everything.
Look, I met the cabin crew companies.
It was the first time in so many years that humans had talked to me like I was a person.
Like it wasn't an animal.
And just hearing him talking to me like I was another person, Just like a miracle in my ears.
Get on the plane.
I haven't slept in days.
I'm so excited about going home.
And then all of the passengers get on and after being around sweaty hurry crazy men living with warm for six years like a smell The women's by you.
I could smell alcohol.
Smell Elise of the things, um, is overwhelmed me.
But I'm also been institutionalized.
I put my hand up in front of everybody.
I asked a female member of the coming crew permission to go on the toilet.
You don't need the assets, or it's like, right now I'm so you know, if you're in prison transport, you can ask permission to go to go to the toilet.
So flying home, um, got the stupid movie zone.
The reason I was going a toilet was because I've been in prison transportation.
I was paranoid.
I was stinking.
Which one is going up?
A birdbath.
Imprisoned birdbath is You know, it's get soap in your armpits and Robert in your man parts and freshen yourself up.
So get hold gets in London, breezed through customs.
I thought they were one of the word of me.
My mom, that sister the And with some videos of this madman YouTube channel as well, I'm hugging my mom.
I gave my sister all crying.
I'm all stubbled out.
Like coming out with Russian girl.
I guess somebody got this shut.
Look on the face.
All pale.
Um, my sister start showing me a phone.
I don't understand that.
You're not.
You know, my thing was before I got arrested.
Don't talk on the phone.
Stock one.
The phones I used the payphone stuff argues code words.
And wasn't hips All this phone technology.
How advanced.
They told me to inlay of food right away.
I ordered chicken tikka masala.
My former favourite got the gag reflex because of the mystery meat.
Slop the red.
After a case of dead rats.
And it was reminded me of that because of that to the staff of ST Vegetarian at my house.
First year Mom said him like a puppy dog on around the house, waiting for orders.
Um, so it's something yet if I moved down south, go public speaking age and got literally aging.
Thank you for those guys.
You know, helping me get back on track on getting my career going.
And since then, probably 13 books written a lot about Escobar.
My life stories, a trilogy, party time, hard time prison time.
Drover under talks a year mostly to school kids and college is on schools.
Scare the living daylights out with them.
Dan, do you will be.
Won't draw all the shit I did.
Is that what you're talks?
You're like, Yeah, yeah.
Try to scam.
Imagine the jail stories I told you.
They heavy heavy show there on the edge of their seats.
I got one kid out walking.
She was so inspired, she went to do a criminology degree when just a uni family invited Mrs graduation.
I mean, with the family, the teachers tell me the kids staying behind at the end of the hardest to reach students because they're looking at me yet when they come in, drugs is the great equalizer affects all sections I do talk to in schools like stole down to in a city.
Manchester, um, in London, on the gang members looking, you know, who is this guy like?
But once they had a jail stuff there on the edge of their seats and the teachers say that there are hardest to reach, students were getting getting engaged.
If you got my Twitter on, what with the likes, this just feedback that it's coming from the kids.
I never know it's gonna affect everybody, but, you know, having that could tell me she was so inspired to do a criminology degree and how that shaped her life like a said.
Happiness isn't in your material possessions.
It's in your heart and in your thoughts and on my deathbed American and look back all the hours I spent looking at stock market, Mom was on my computer, or I'm going to look back out on the things I could be more proud of.
Like like that kid.
You know, I would shape her life, has your recollection of all this change in the last 10 years, do you look at it differently, or have you processed it differently?
People say I'm desensitized.
I talk about extremely graphic things and then you laugh.
Yeah, and the laughing is actually and apologize to.
Viewers were offended by that.
It's a coping in the defense mechanism.
When I get nervous, these things are so intense the laughing it actually does change your bio camera streets.
Make it not be a serious mentally and stressful to you.
What do you want people to take away from your story?
She so anything?
Um so I'm on a mission to stop the mass incarceration of low level drug users and people with addiction issues.
Writing about the war on drugs.
A series of books led me to the current Clinton and Bush crime families.
You know, the quick for Clinton.
His brother Roger got arrested in a cocaine deal and got recorded saying some of this is for Bill.
He's got nose like a vacuum cleaner for Bill Clinton, who when he was state governor of Arkansas, and this information is coming from the people who work from him.
He's protected his state troopers and people like Larry Nichols.
They worked for him, laundering the money for Bill Clinton to lock up hundreds of thousands of nonviolent drug offenders, a record amount of women.
I'm not talking traffickers here talking possession people of addiction issues, vulnerable people.
For us to have these psychopaths in power, I think they can get away of it.
I've been on a mission to expose this and to try and stop it, and it's getting more and more momentum.
And people are waking up to the fact that not only was Clinton, you know, a sex Salter and cokehead he was providing security for the drug operation with C A where they were bringing in the coat from Maine.
Arkansas wrote a whole book about Barry Seal American made.
He was flying the cocaine for the CIA.
A on weapons back out is to do this war in Nicaragua illegally, and that was run by George H.
Bush and his fall guy was a living off, and Clinton was providing the state security the cups to protect that cocaine coming in.
So for these guys to be looking, all these people are pretending to be fighting this war on drugs, water hypocritical, psychopathic bastards.
And they need to be exposed to the amount of untold suffering that's cause of all those low level drug users have filled the prison for profits.
It's makes me sick way.
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LEAVING JAIL BEHIND ME: The Thing That Shaun Attwood Looked Forward To Most After Losing Prison

11 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 12, 2020
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