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  • So that was a switch in you.

  • And you start reading books.

  • You read over 1000 books when you were in there?

  • Yeah.

  • And this is when Sean changed.

  • Yeah.

  • Someone gave me all I never read.

  • My entire life was financed books.

  • Last book and read was to kill a Mockingbird in high school.

  • Required reading.

  • My sister's got a degree in classical literature.

  • We were complete opposites.

  • I was the money guy and she was the book girl.

  • So someone gave me Brave New World by Huxley in 1984 by all.

  • Well, I saw in those books I saw in Huxley parallels with my party lifestyle that they were lodging on some drug call, someone having these parties in brave New World.

  • And in 1984 I saw the tire any off on authoritarian system?

  • The conditions in the jail.

  • You know, Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

  • He was basically, like a neo Nazi redneck worshipper of Harry Anslinger, who said, you know, make gonna make weed illegal cause black men will want a rape.

  • Every white woman.

  • It's like Sheriff Joe Arpaio worked under him.

  • Another portrait of him in his office.

  • So he created this absolute, um, neo Nazi totalitarian hell on Earth, which was reflected in 19th 4th and they gripped me on someone said it.

  • Reading improves your writing.

  • So I just went on a mission on the Red over 1000 books in just on the six year around.

  • 268 bucks in 2006 when I told my sister that she's like you lucky bastard People have jobs of lives, of responsibilities.

  • Nobody could ever do that unless you were like a mad monk in the cave.

  • And I did have an epiphany moment were I felt like a mad monk in a cave because first, young, wild attached to all those material things, then all of a sudden facing 200 years, none of that material stuff matters.

  • I let it go.

  • I could not believe the intense pleasure, the feeling of relief from just craving all those things that had my entire life.

  • So let it go in a moment on after that.

  • Wow.

  • Was that Tuchman gun that has driven me my entire life?

  • And it taught me also that you happy This isn't in those things.

  • It's in your thoughts and then you huh?

  • That's what you thought to make it so I read about, you know, the stoic philosophers, Epic status.

  • What does he say?

  • So it really is expected.

  • This is all about how you perceive things.

  • Yeah.

  • It doesn't matter what is happening around you.

  • Someone can jump in your face and say, I'm gonna rape your wife and murder your entire family and then torture you slowly to death callings, epic status.

  • You determine your reaction to that situation through your faults, you could just think to yourself.

  • All right, this compresses completely mentally ill is having a bad day and just walk away.

  • Or you could engage in that.

  • And it can become a violent situation.

  • You could possibly get killed.

  • For example, in prison, people calling each other names all day long.

  • And the people who react to the name calling, they get picked on the most were calling for epicenters.

  • So we could say something to you.

  • You could just say thanks to point now, have a nice day.

  • Don't engage that person's negative energy on walk away from the situation.

  • And what about a really ISS when you take away from him?

  • Oh, yeah.

  • Really?

  • Yes, I got obsessive or alias.

  • He spoke meditations and Nietzsche.

  • Oklahoma was my favorite with him.

  • So our alias compose the chaos of life as a storm at sea Endure the land just ing out into the sea and the waves crashing down upon you.

  • And you're maintaining equanimity on Nietzsche.

  • I wonder what Nietzsche was thing if he heard, um, his quotes now being used in rap music.

  • You know what?

  • What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

  • But one of my face is live your life like a work of art.

  • We look at how much effort people put into a work of arts.

  • If you put that much effort into the your life, much to quality for life would improve.

  • I think that's something that you subscribe to.

So that was a switch in you.

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TURNING MY FORTUNE AROUND: How Reading More Than 1000 Books In Prison Changed Shaun Attwood's Life

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