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So that was a switch in you.
And you start reading books.
You read over 1000 books when you were in there?
And this is when Sean changed.
Someone gave me all I never read.
My entire life was financed books.
Last book and read was to kill a Mockingbird in high school.
Required reading.
My sister's got a degree in classical literature.
We were complete opposites.
I was the money guy and she was the book girl.
So someone gave me Brave New World by Huxley in 1984 by all.
Well, I saw in those books I saw in Huxley parallels with my party lifestyle that they were lodging on some drug call, someone having these parties in brave New World.
And in 1984 I saw the tire any off on authoritarian system?
The conditions in the jail.
You know, Sheriff Joe Arpaio?
He was basically, like a neo Nazi redneck worshipper of Harry Anslinger, who said, you know, make gonna make weed illegal cause black men will want a rape.
Every white woman.
It's like Sheriff Joe Arpaio worked under him.
Another portrait of him in his office.
So he created this absolute, um, neo Nazi totalitarian hell on Earth, which was reflected in 19th 4th and they gripped me on someone said it.
Reading improves your writing.
So I just went on a mission on the Red over 1000 books in just on the six year around.
268 bucks in 2006 when I told my sister that she's like you lucky bastard People have jobs of lives, of responsibilities.
Nobody could ever do that unless you were like a mad monk in the cave.
And I did have an epiphany moment were I felt like a mad monk in a cave because first, young, wild attached to all those material things, then all of a sudden facing 200 years, none of that material stuff matters.
I let it go.
I could not believe the intense pleasure, the feeling of relief from just craving all those things that had my entire life.
So let it go in a moment on after that.
Was that Tuchman gun that has driven me my entire life?
And it taught me also that you happy This isn't in those things.
It's in your thoughts and then you huh?
That's what you thought to make it so I read about, you know, the stoic philosophers, Epic status.
What does he say?
So it really is expected.
This is all about how you perceive things.
It doesn't matter what is happening around you.
Someone can jump in your face and say, I'm gonna rape your wife and murder your entire family and then torture you slowly to death callings, epic status.
You determine your reaction to that situation through your faults, you could just think to yourself.
All right, this compresses completely mentally ill is having a bad day and just walk away.
Or you could engage in that.
And it can become a violent situation.
You could possibly get killed.
For example, in prison, people calling each other names all day long.
And the people who react to the name calling, they get picked on the most were calling for epicenters.
So we could say something to you.
You could just say thanks to point now, have a nice day.
Don't engage that person's negative energy on walk away from the situation.
And what about a really ISS when you take away from him?
Oh, yeah.
Yes, I got obsessive or alias.
He spoke meditations and Nietzsche.
Oklahoma was my favorite with him.
So our alias compose the chaos of life as a storm at sea Endure the land just ing out into the sea and the waves crashing down upon you.
And you're maintaining equanimity on Nietzsche.
I wonder what Nietzsche was thing if he heard, um, his quotes now being used in rap music.
You know what?
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
But one of my face is live your life like a work of art.
We look at how much effort people put into a work of arts.
If you put that much effort into the your life, much to quality for life would improve.
I think that's something that you subscribe to.
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TURNING MY FORTUNE AROUND: How Reading More Than 1000 Books In Prison Changed Shaun Attwood's Life

45 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 12, 2020
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