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you mentioned rape.
Oh, my goodness.
How graphic can we get on your show?
Well, you know, within reason.
Ah, you know, because a lot of people think that happens in prison.
Does it happen?
And it doesn't happen if you are in the Aryan Brotherhood or in one of the racial cliques, right?
All right.
Prison rape is so common, they enacted the law Preah Prison Rape Elimination Act to force the prisons to give the prisoners a rape class to get taught how not to get raped.
And it is a complete waste of time.
It's just a box ticking exercise so that the admin can say, Hey, there's still raping each of a book.
You know, we did our pre a glass.
Now, in the pre a class, you watch some predators in the day room on the young.
People coming in are hungry, and if they take food bearing that that they can't repay.
So the gum.
So then they say, Look, you're in debt, pay us to step.
Are you going to get stabbed?
I got no money to pay the debt.
All right, well, you need to go in that cell over the and do whatever that guy say's brought, you're going to get stabbed and the people who go on do that, then that sexual act that's called becoming a prison punk or getting turned out and there's no coming back from there, there's no coming back from that On.
The conclusion of the rate class was to report rape.
If you report anything, you're a snitch.
So young, mentally ill prisoner was gang raped on.
Nobody reported a single thing.
Now my 9.5 year sentence was nothing compared to some of the prisoners I'd met, and they told me stories from the decades before I was in the Arizona prison system.
I think it was 60 Minutes documentary saying that Arizona prisons were the most dangerous parts of re illustrate in the whole country right now.
People getting killed and raped on the most gruesome story, I was told, come from a 6.5 foot trends prisoner called Xena.
I'll say she cause it's disrespectful to call the Trans prisoners he so when Xena first came in seeing click that with the baby, um, she was big weightlifting blood in blood out on that, collecting for the a B was bloody and bled out.
Well, you can't If you're in the gang, that's it.
If you want to leave, your blood's gonna guess, But you're gonna die.
So, um, they use people up, they brutalize them on.
In Xena's case, we're right in the block to raise awareness of prison rape.
So I said, What happened?
The first time was again Grape.
They beat me up, raped me, beat me unconscious, rape me while I was unconscious and shoved things inside my body.
I said, How do you know if you were unconscious that they raped you?
When I went the toilet After I could tell by what came out, I said, Well, what did they shove inside your body?
A broomstick?
I said, Well, um, what did you do after I went into my cell on just prayed that the scars would go away?
There's absolutely nothing you could do.
You can't go to the guards or you'll be a snitch, or they'll put you in a dungeon for years and say it's for your own protection.
You can do.
The victim is labeled a rat, a punk and considered less than human.
You can do absolutely nothing.
You know you can get someone prosecuted for this.
This is That's absurd.
So she just went off in into her cell and got moved in over yard where the same thing happened.
She said They beat me up and they used me as a sex toy, a prostitute, a punk.
There's no recourse, no one to talk to.
You can't do anything said does it?
Most sounds young people.
Yes, it doesn't happen to anyone.
Big, bad foods, skinny, even the ugliest people in the world.
People who come to prisoner aren't street smart.
You don't understand the mentality of ghetto life happens to them the most.
I said, Well, how did you stop it?
I took the abuse for as long as I couldn't started fight in a one most of the fights.
When I stood up and told them I think about getting killed.
It stopped.
You've gotta be ruthless.
God be ruthless.
No, that is on the statement.
Xena hadn't told me the truth as to what had happened because she didn't want to risk getting trouble of what she dumb Xena was studying anatomy and she came with an idea the next two times the gang came to rape Xena, the first member of the gang to put his hand on Xena.
Xena plucked his eyeball out.
It was dangling from the optic.
Now why didn't even think that was possible At the time, I was just in shock thinking plenty, you know?
Is she making this up?
I had a workout partner in prison called I Am Money told me to join the Dole.
Joe, when I got out, did karate.
Since I got out on Garate, they teach it to us.
It's called Bird beak.
Well, you just bam!
Just go in and unplug the eyeball out.
Now, when the eyeball is dangling out like that on the optic nerve, it doesn't just go back in on.
Behave normally, Eva.
The fluid cushioning the brain can come out from the hollow and you can die.
I might be pointing right, right, Wrong direction.
Or you could go blind.
All kinds of damage could happen.
So Xena did this on two separate occasions.
She pulled eyeballs out and they classified.
It is extremely dangerous.
They moved on to some of her friends while friend was gang raped.
They held him down.
They shoved a lightbulb in his behind and they made bets on who could smash that label.
First on, that guy committed suicide.
Afterwards on another guy.
They got a shovel from the work crew and they held him down and caught his head off on when the head was finally off.
They positioned in an early of the prison where the rival gangs would see it to make the point.
They were the most violent roof result of all the gangs on hearing this stuff from Xena.
Man, it maybe I feel like I the Garden, the guardian angel.
I was just blessed to get through it so unscathed in more recent years.
I woke up one morning, drank a cup of coffee, grabbed a felt tip pen and started to draw lines on this growth.
Um, now the testicles air onto branches cold of as deference and the trends prisoners.
They want to stop the testosterone coming in and get estrogen smuggled in.
So, if no painkillers whatsoever, she had a Mosby's medical dictionary that she was looking at her anatomy and this Mosby's make medical dictionary she picks up the razor blamed flashes her scrotum open inserts of fingers into one side.
And she did manage to successfully cut off by slicing through the systematic chord in the grizzle she wanted to slice off this testicle.
I've got, like, 10 pages of detail on this, um, about prison time.
Now the over testicle must have known what was coming.
We're gonna retract it inside her body.
So she's now got her hand up in a guts looking for this over testicle.
And she says she could feel like mushy stuff like organs and things scrambling around looking for this testicle.
But where she's got the blood tied off comes undone.
Red hot pain is now just searing through her had from cuts in the over testicle Love the blood squirted now and she's realizing, you know, she's got limited time to try and get this over one.
Someone sees this.
She's actually bleeding to death.
Someone sees this and they only just got a helicopter in time.
Get the hospital to save a life.
And the prisoners I met not just one of them, um, t bone to Tony's.
They're done decades, and the stories they told me just absolutely blew my mind.
That's Why?
To this day?
You know, that's what made my YouTube channel blow up.
Was posting the stories of these guys on it, you know, super really stuff.
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THE TRUTH BEHIND SEXUAL ABUSE IN PRISON: How Predators Trick New Prisoners Into Being Attacked

56 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 11, 2020
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