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the SWAT team comes in, make me a woman fall in love.
This is a year before the SWAT team raid.
She says to May.
This is dangerous, what you're doing.
You know, Sammy, the bull stuff's gone down.
He's been SWAT team raided the new Mexican got maximum three guys.
If she knows about, they're all rated.
Everyone's getting raided.
I'm the I'm the last man standing up the bigger entities that people were off in the period of time.
Yeah, I love you.
A tele.
Your right is dangerous.
I'm gonna quit the importation of Actually, I thought I got away of it.
So you did quit the importation year before this.
What team came?
I thought the police had to capture of the drugs.
Well, the one thing that New Mexico you didn't tell me Waas about the statute of limitations.
I live in that the hard way statue of limitations in Arizona is such All it takes is someone from your past of in a seven year period for a drug crime to tell the cops they did a deal with you and they've got a witness.
And there was Ted witnesses, 10 witnesses for 10 deals or for one deal, not necessarily deals.
The main witness was Skinner.
If something, the Bulls people knocked his teeth out on the reason he testified against me because as the organization site to crumble Wildman and skill, that skin had a beef skin.
Oh, owed money a lot of money on.
He recruited a bouncer of mine to go against me.
Those guys.
I started to go against me.
Andi Uelmen was deported when he came back and Skinner right away, I thought, Well, man, to skin his apartment to squash this scare, the living daylights out the Skinner And what is going to solve the size of while when I thought that was squashed right away.
But a rivalry started between the two of them, then the skin.
It was my top sales guide.
Raise this guy from the dumps that's having a house and everything this beef started and skin uphold another trick.
Wellman's a woman was Wild Woman tough Scouser here will skirt rather than wildman some of them on.
Um, Skinner had this gang of black South side Gangsters, um, come the well woman's house to save her after she'd just been firebombed a fire bomb goes through her window almost sets fire to her than this black gangster crew, Combs says.
Get in our car with all your pills, it was told, settled by Skinner to Jack while Woman's pills.
Because she's so tough, she says, I don't know.
The F you guys are getting in your car and the pills were already safe somewhere else.
Well known.
Finds out ends up back in prison, but he finds out I pay a deportation lawyer to expedite his release.
He gets released, flies back for the third time.
I think he's on the phone to Skinner from the jail saying, I know what you tried on my woman.
I'm coming back to kill you.
So skin I got so scared, I thought, Well, Mom was going to kill him.
He went to the cops, and that was that was the main witness against this goods.
Okay, so you have been out of it for a year, and then the SWAT guys come to get you.
May 16th 2002.
I would like to say before we go toe, I still haven't addressed my inner turmoil.
I'm still sneak enough on the weekends to get high were Well, my leaving a woman at home.
I stopped the invitation, but I couldn't fix my addiction.
Couldn't stop it.
Addiction toe.
All the drugs in the lifestyle Really?
I had to get high at that weekend with wolves were howling since he got in that weekend.
The howl of the walls are so loud I had to go on with wolf pack of lies.
I would go crazy.
I felt all that stuff inside hadn't been addressed.
That took that two years later.
So what was that?
Do you think you wanted Teoh?
Get high and get away from yourself?
You want to be around people?
You wanted to be the man I wasn't happy and, well, skin.
I'm happy in my own skin.
Now I can go out and dance.
I don't even drink.
That's all night long.
Be for Paul Van Dyk Ministry Close my eyes.
Just getting to the vibe of the music.
But I wasn't happy in my own skin.
Was a fragile person.
Yeah, so I thought I got away with it.
Um studying Spanish in college online stock trade in May 16th 2002 I'm up early doing the stock trade.
Bam, bam, bam!
Tempe Police.
We have a warrant.
I don't If it's the cups of what someone pretended John, put Look out the people!
It's black.
Now go to the window.
The complex is surrounded by the cops.
What team?
Go fruits of the bedroom to my missus.
What we're gonna dio about Let men halfway through the living room in just gorgeous supplies off the hinges.
Hands above you, has Don't fucking move on the ground now.
And in that instant, when you see us, what team just opened up in front of you?
All the guns pointing that you, you know, if they even accidently start shooting, your life is over in a second.
So you just drop different goals in slow motion and then they cross you.
But then the detective I learnt was my nemesis from the police paperwork when I read the police.
But what he just hoist me up by the cup?
The English on You're a big name from the rave scene.
You know, we're finally got you just like, really in my face.
So I start yelling.
I am exercising my right to remain silent love.
I'm exercising my right to raise silent love Show into my girlfriend so she won't speak to the cups.
I'm only my boxer shorts banded up just just grabbing me of throwing me out that down the stairs at the outside apartment and hustled me offering the police car because they want to interrogate her.
Wow, it's quite a day.
Oh, yeah, it was.
It was just styles in.
So what happens next?
We haven't got to Sheriff Joe Arpaio's jail yet.
That's when it really starts.
Um, Tempe, please have established this outdoor facility where the process and all my co defendant, because there's so many of us.
I'm in this place kind, thinking it's just me.
Well, this sudden Oh my God, I start popping up in this process.
Incense co debates rave DJs, smugglers.
Some started to grasp a little bit the magnitude but inside my head is saying, Well, there's no drugs in your house.
They're gonna let you go clasping on to that.
So Tempe Police Department, The first thing then they shuttle bus were in handcuffs over to Sheriff Joe Arpaio's intake.
Andi, this is a underground horseshoe shaped formation called the horseshoe You cannot see outside You don't love It's night or day and all the new arrestees air coming in So as our vans there all these guys have just been arrested have bean taste You've been beat up by The cops have been in fights.
You were high.
They were homeless.
This very agitated line of people they see us start scout the van now they started to yell at one of our co defendants.
Show us your tits.
Basically peace.
These fellas like thinking they were funny.
Well, hman, his eyebrow goes up because like we're all in this friend and his woman gets out on the Yellen air as well.
Well, man, the police like get out the van.
One of the gunmen While my just stops as he's getting out with the van, It's got these very things.
Beard at this time was really just looks, you know, it absolutely didn't say it.
Just puts his vacant, holds his vacants beard up like this and he yells All the prisoners stop talking shits while women wise I love any of you in the when I get in there with you in a minute on the old just completely.
Should Waldman's The good guys got arrested with Let's put It that way, said, like only a Northerner.
Okay, okay, so we go in.
First thing is, there's a woman behind a plexiglass screen and she just starts yelling at you.
Have you got any lice?
Have you got any scabies?
And you got hepatitis C and AIDS just asking to all these questions.
Ben, the cops, the gods, Big drill sergeant guys dressed in black, bold heads.
They take your bell, say issues on bond, go through Ah, metal detector and then you enter the horseshoe.
So there's all these cells designed for so many people, but people are in and the likes you like this next to the person next to you on the floor.
There's no space whatsoever.
Andi fights breaking out, you know.
24 ST Bloods versus this Crips and the West.
Sign analysts fights breaking out.
There's blood on the walls, the guards that life.
If the fights breaking out, the guards drag people out.
It looks like a medieval torture device.
It's called a restraint Chur, like this black church tilted back.
They strap you in it and put a hood over your head People just like rockin It's gonna spit hunts He won't spit on anyone.
Onda, you're in there for days way.
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WHAT IT'S LIKE TO GET ARRESTED: Shaun Attwood Talks About The Day A SWAT Team Bust Down His Door

11 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 11, 2020
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