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most people would be surprised that guy's in prison would care.
First of all, about crimes against someone outside of prison or care about your hygiene.
But I've had West Watson only spent time in prison.
But the clicks all happened based on race.
And that's your security.
And you then make sure that those people have good paperwork.
And if they don't, then they get rid of you.
So in hygiene, super important, right?
All these protocols, it goes militant in there it goes militant Andi from having my own true crime podcast Brian and interviewing people have been in prison all over the world.
I'm getting the complete backstories.
What I've learned is a lot of people get involved in crime on addiction.
Do you sell?
Because the vic dramatic has happened to them in the childhood.
And a lot of those guys have been abused as kids.
Sexual abuse, physical abuse, and I could understand if a paedophile ends up in an environment where people are hard core criminals, it being abused as kids, they're going to get lynched.
They're going to take that rage out on that person.
Yeah, Okay.
And I saw it I saw it very quickly.
Um, a guy came in.
They asked me about him.
I said, I don't know anything about this guy.
What they suspected he was a film, obviously.
So they got him in the shower.
Um, they beat the shit out of him in the shower, leaving whimpering approval.
Blood within.
The big guy says that wasn't enough.
And, like all we smashed him.
Good dog didn't smashing good enough to be.
Guy says.
So he goes in and he's just like he's trying to crack this guy's head open like it's a coconut.
Just crack crack crack until this guy's in cultures and looks dead on the guard comes every 2040 minutes.
They do a security walk, look down.
Anybody looked down.
So I go back to my cell, put my face to the window and he's getting carry on a stretch.
And it's not just blood.
Come out with this yellow stuff.
Can always had, like, brain stuff coming out of his head.
And you just don't know over these guys that that are alive until it pops up on the news.
Yeah, a lot of violence going on there every day every day someone's getting smashed because you got all these racial gangs.
They're all high on crystal math, getting paranoid about each other and on heroin.
Um, let's talk about the drugs.
You could get drugs in prison.
Most people don't even understand that there's more drugs in prison than anywhere on the face of the Earth.
So in the long room, the people who can keep the drug business is going are the large criminal enterprises like the cartels Onda prison gangs like the Mexican Mafia on the Arian Brotherhood?
Because in the short run, all the all the, uh, smaller people get wiped out.
They don't have the resources to keep it going.
So if you're the Arian Brotherhood Prison gang and you've got people in a closed environment, 90% of whom we've got addiction issues, it's your ideal market to sell drugs.
They long The illegal drug market gets bigger every year because of the drug laws, and these gangs get more more power for drug money.
And that's how Arian Brotherhood now has become the number one cause of murder for up the entire country to murder high business in and out outside of prison.
Italian mafia goes to those guys now because they considered some of the most stone cold killers.
It's all come out off the U.
Prison system, So yeah, 90% were injecting heroin and crystal meth, right?
Was house to further hepatitis C from sharing dirty needles, cause that's the only way to get through that time, or they come in addicted.
And then it's such a depressing place, all of the above.
So we take people who, Uh oh, I just like to say that I fought prisons, lock him up and throw away the key before got arrested the Peter Files rapists, serial killers.
I had no idea that the media just puts the out there to keep the public misled and hating on prisoners than the media says.
On the other side, they got PlayStations that got gourmet food.
They got look shoes at the taxpayer's expense on, but also keeps the public hating on prisoners.
At the peak of the war on drugs to fill the private prisons which were getting $50,000 a year of taxpayer's money, the mass incarcerated low level drug users with the biggest category being part tents over half a 1,000,000 potheads we'd possesses, not dealers.
We'd possesses a year.
We're getting fed into the U.
Justice isn't so.
I go in and I saw the average arrest.
It was a black kid or a Mexican kid with a bit We'd getting like a 2 to 5 year sentence.
I saw that prison was the biggest house off the mentally ill.
More than half off my friends were soldiers.
The comeback from wars, traumatized government and give him any help.
It's all the guy on street drugs to self medicate for the trauma PTSD and ended up in prison.
So I learned that Prison housed society's most vulnerable people, and I became a prison activist through that.
I'm not saying, you know, Peter Files serial killers.
Rapists should have it easy work through my activism.
I've seen those guys should be doing more time.
Why the people under three strikes laws.
People say that I'm making this up.
I was in a Holland at the Hemp Museum.
It's on the wall over there under three strikes laws that people still doing life sentences in America for weed possession, which is 25 to life on the peat political Peter Files.
Government is telling us they don't even have the resources to investigate them.
It costs $50,000 years, absolute in prison, 25 years.
That's one point something 1,000,000.
That's where the money is gone.
It's ridiculous so that corporations and politicians could make tens of billions of years and private prison contracts, all based on the war on drugs court call based on the war on drugs.
That's why I have written a series of books on the war on drugs or expose it, and the Americans do that better than anyone else.
Well, the Americans are sick of it.
The public, that's how why we'd is getting to criminalize on the state level.
I mean, there are some states in that prior to this were if your teenage kids got pulled over in your car, we we'd police keep the car on the civil asset forfeiture laws.
So it's got to such an extreme in America has been a backlash.
People are voted for legalization to decriminalization of state level.
What U.
Federal government has maintained weed as a schedule one substance more harmful than crystal meth and cocaine with no medicinal value, whatsoever because that's where the corporations wanted to be.
And you got to see the fallout of that in human lives in prison.
And it's ugly and nasty.
If you arrest a kid for weed and I'm a member of law enforcement against Prohibition, Leap and they say, Well, you know where cops are joined to rest the bank guys.
We were signed to infiltrate student groups, getting them high on weed and then arrested at the end of the month.
What does that do to that kid is criminalized.
It can't get a job.
He goes to the jail where he gets recruited by the Arian Brotherhood prison gang because he's so scared of the gang he thinks if he doesn't join, is gonna get attacked or raped, gets neo Nazi tattoos.
They give you swastikas on SS.
Lightning bolts were beating people up and collecting debts for the gang.
To be a full member of the A B.
To get patched in, you have to murder someone for them completely indoctrinated into that world.
That young person he makes his criminal connections in prison.
He gets this addiction to heroin and possibly hepatitis C.
By the time that that kid gets out of prison, he's ruined.
He's made a name for himself in the criminal community, so that's what he goes right back to on a soon as he gets rearrested.
Guess what?
$50,000 of taxpayers money per year back to the Prison Corrections Corporation of America or bossing in the annual report to their shareholders are profit.
Growth is guaranteed as they keep coming back.
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HOW I SURVIVED PRISON: Shaun Attwood On How He Managed To Navigate His Way Through Years In Jail

18 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 11, 2020
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