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All right, so you start getting used to this whole other side, but it's too late to get out.
And you don't want to get out either.
You're just riding it.
I don't wanna be involved in scenarios like that.
I'm loving being the man.
Okay, I'm loving the after parties were renting villas in the Scottsdale Hilton.
Huge, like, massive studio in the middle, where we got DJ's playing to, like en suites and IV aside with accuses.
People going around naked on roller skates and strippers putting candle wax on people.
And we take all the paintings down in this villa.
Close all the curtains.
Every single painting has got a different pilot drugs on it.
This is all afraid that what I'm paying for for my workforce.
So you got a pile of cattle minimum painting pile of cocaine on over a pile of crystal meth and over a pile of ecstasy on over zannex, assorted Mexican pharmaceuticals on these parties, air going on for days on when it comes time t to go back to the reception and pay for the for the renewal.
Just promise sunglasses.
I've got my roller boots off.
Just skating up the reception.
This is one of the poshest results.
And so I'm just skated up to the reception, plunking down $500 cash for another day.
Uh, minus.
Just can't believe anything that busted.
So the stupid things that we did is that Was that one of the best parties that you went to?
Those after parties with some of the most insane pies of my life.
Okay, well, almost died a couple of times as well.
From what overdose.
So I mentioned all the different paintings we have of the drugs.
Yeah, Someone said, Let's just make a paint in Andi, get, like, a spoonful of drug from every painting and just make a mountain off mixed drugs on this.
I'm already high on crystal meth.
GHB annexing.
I'm like, so showing up to me is the date rape drug.
Well, it's called the date rape drug.
That's what the media have labeled it.
Okay, Bodybuilders used it because it puts you in a deep sleep, and it promotes relaxation of muscular growth.
Okay, so you took it to counteract the crystal meth.
I took it myself because it it mellowed me out on I, um really enjoyed sex on him.
OK, but would you get things or forget who you were or okay, In the trajectory of your drug taking Korea, that comes a point.
There's no going back once it reaches this point where you do start to forget what you did the previous day and that's like I said, you're entering the dark side.
Well, I'm gonna give you a story on that in a second.
Let me just go back to the painting disease.
So showing off now, I just shove a bill in my nose.
And instead of taking out a line to do off this mixed mountain, I just shoved the whole bell into the mountain and snow north on and I don't know what happened with time or anything, cause nothing made sense anymore.
I went unconscious, but I could see something that I had this experience whereby I could see like stars in the sky.
And I was talking to them and I didn't know who I was anymore.
I was shit myself.
Didn't who was where I was.
I was going to get home or anything.
After going round and round with stars in the sky for so long I start to hear voices in the room.
I couldn't move a body.
I was completely paralyzed and blind.
In the beginning.
The voices scared me.
But then I heard some of the people who worked for me.
It was very close to on one of those managed to get me into a bathroom and start talking to me, and they got to the point I could speak.
But I was blind thinking I'm like I was my site ever gonna come back.
She's talking to me and talking to me and comforted me.
And in the end, I did recover.
But they stay said I just looked at That was just That was just one occasion.
I district my friends.
If I overdose, just put me in a bathroom.
Don't call the cops.
Don't call number one because you'll get busted.
I didn't cover lived or died.
I didn't think I was going to see past 30.
That was just one example of many people said I was flopping like a fish on the floor like I needed the heart thing.
So you really didn't think you were gonna live past 30?
Just be.
And you didn't care.
Think because you're doing drugs all the time and living so many drugs living that life just like fuck the world basically, right?
Just like only youth can dio your late twenties now, So, yeah, I'm getting towards my late twenties.
Oh, they have a story about memory.
I went to a rave, went to an after party.
I'm so high, Put my head for a plasterboard wall missing a nine inch nail it with a gun right into my skull.
All I remember is waking up the next day my friends took me home covered in puke vomit all over the carpet While we all over the bed The vomit on the carpet has changed the cola off the carpet.
So I call out a specialty carpet cleaner to get this stain out the competent.
He's like this on the floor from the scriptures finger.
He's looking at me.
Shake me that, Sean, Whatever chemicals you had in your body is so strong, I can't get him out when you kind of it.
But there was no there was no wake up call to this.
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THE LIFESTYLE OF A DEALER: "I Didn't Care If I Lived Or Died, I Didn't Think I'd See My 30th"

33 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 10, 2020
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