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speak on religion a bit because it's something that's really important to you.
It's important to Candace.
I know it was always important to your father.
And you know, I had Dennis Prager on the other day, and I never really saw how it was a cornerstone of kind of the founding fathers.
You know, that assumption?
That there was this religious element and I had never really thought about it again.
It's It's not talked about in the UK it is talked about in American politics, just your thoughts on it.
And is it something that maybe we should all think more about or embrace, or at least allow to be in the conversation, as opposed to kind of, you know, not not allowing it to be talked about, especially in politics?
Yeah, um, that's a very interesting question, because I have some pretty strong opinions about it, and I and I, I sort of think that, you know, coming back to that conversation about Britain versus America.
A lot of the reasons I think conservatism in Britain has really lost its way is because we've cut that tie would faith at the core.
Andi, I don't think you can really have conservatism without faith, because ultimately, what are you talking about?
You're talking about, um, mankind, which has fallen from grace from the original favor of God.
Andi is inherently flawed.
As a result, there is no solution to be found in government because a collective group of individuals will have no greater wisdom or authority over the failings of another man than you know that an individual governing himself.
We are all human.
We will make mistakes.
Therefore, collective government will still make mistakes.
Right now, the left believes in a utopian ideal off perfect Partick humanity which will never be achieved.
And as a result, that the association of conservatism with original sin with the doctrine, if you like of original sin um I believe is s so close you know you need you must never lose are tied to the um in the UK What I think has really gone wrong is that UK Conservative Party is saying Well, actually more government because the answer and that is a dangerous doctrine to go down because that is exactly what we've campaigned against.
When we campaigned against the USSR, when we forded when we had the Cold War when you've had established communist regimes which have tried toe paint that picture off a perfectible human society.
And as a result, you know what do you what do you do if you talk?
If you cut conservatism from from ah, from faith you, your cut adrift there is a great virtue.
Ethicist called Alistair MacIntyre is quite well known in terms of his published works on About Your Ethics.
Now I'm not about to rep assist, but his analysis off the problem with modern society, which he describes a za motive, is, um, which is basically where in a post enlightenment world, a lot of Western society has tried to separates original roots with the faith based system of rules that when I was growing up over hundreds of years in medieval and then run a Sanson and you know, early modern Europe, you know that severing of ties has led toe has little conservative movement which has cut adrift now in America.
You still got a very strong link between faith on between politics, and that's a great thing because it ties people back to that core belief structure that you need that we are not perfectible on that.
We need tohave.
Um, you know, another ah answerable authority beyond that of those human institutions which we all know and on duh you know and love on.
So we need we need toe, look higher.
We need to look about this earth.
And I think without that power, you then get into a very dangerous rule of desperate despotism where you know 11 My moral truth is this great is your moral truth.
And of course, that's what postmodern world your spouse is that there is no great universal moral truth.
You know, men can be women, women can be men.
Up is down, Left is right, you know.
And as a result, you're cut adrift into this world of false narratives where anything is effectively true on that's a debate that I've had with so many liberals, and actually I mean, I I personally think that the entire liberal versus conservative debate can actually just be traced back to that.
And you know that if you if you the way to kind of cut the crap with a lot of with a lot of arguments about policy, is really just to go straight to that first question and I often do, and I often try and get through.
I mean, I've had this debate with members of my own family who are on the left very much on the left on.
You know, I said, Do you believe in a perfectible human society?
Andi, They'll go.
Yes, I can.
I and I've even had that debate with members of the conservative government in the UK, which worries me a lot.
But you know, you do you believe in effect within sight?
Yes, I do.
You know, do you Do you believe that there will and then you flip you flip Jesus is worldwide.
And you say, Do you believe that there will never be wars that there will never be famine?
You know that they will never be rumors of wars, that there will never be suffering.
And they sort of go, I believe that we can, you know, weaken, weaken, weaken, trying, aspire and create that world.
And it's like, Well, as soon as you do that, your locks make because you know that will never be the situation.
You know, we will never be able to have a world which is perfectly, will never be able to have a world where that, you know, humanity becomes his own God on Do you know, we create a perfect set of judges who can sit above the world order and judge in passionately, imperfectly about every case that will never happen.
And so if you cut that tie between faith and conservatism, you start to go down that rabbit hole, and that's very dangerous.
And I mean, actually, Thatcher talks a lot about faith in her later works on, Basically says that the common the reality off faith in American politics she finds very inspiring because it tells people to reality, and I think that's exactly what it way.
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WHERE RELIGION FITS IN SOCIETY: Why George Farmer Believes Conservatism Can't Exist Without Faith

11 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 9, 2020
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