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  • Can you speak a bit more about Nigel Farage?

  • I know he was at your wedding, and I think that he was one of the first guys that you professed your love of Candace to.

  • I don't be wrong on that.

  • Uh, like, what did the public what the public not know about Nigel?

  • How did I get him wrong?

  • Like, what does he really like?

  • Um, well, I would recommend this if you if you want to see a side of Nigel, which not many people have seen watches interview with Candace on her show because that is I was watching.

  • I watched that whole episode.

  • I watched it being filmed.

  • We founded in London on Die.

  • I came away from that and I said, I've never seen Nigel either before.

  • Um, Nigel is a really terrific book.

  • I mean, I only have good things to say about him.

  • I mean, he's he Yes, he was one of the first people in who my relationship was confided.

  • Hey, happened to be at the conference in Palm Beach where I was there, and I was we were sort of Candice and I were kind of like getting to know each other.

  • I mean, nothing was said.

  • Nothing happened, but it was very much a kind of this.

  • I really find this girl fascinating.

  • You know, Andi, he was one of those people ice about two.

  • Andi, you know, he is being I mean, he's first of all, he's so much fun.

  • I mean, Nigel is just so much fun, you know, you will.

  • You will really find in him a guy who you can have a good laugh with.

  • I mean that that's one of his best characteristics.

  • Yes, a sense of humor.

  • I mean, that's one of the best characteristics of being a conservative, you know?

  • I mean, when I do have toe, you know, kind of hobnob or associate with with liberals, you always find yourself on eggshells because it's so uncomfortable because you can't say anything.

  • Um, Nigel has no such qualms on Is always is never unafraid to go that he he and I see each other fair man.

  • We can't chuck quite often, you know, even when he's depressed, he still very happy.

  • He still has a positive outlook.

  • I mean, he's a real fighter.

  • I would say that about him.

  • I mean, he never gives up, which is incredible to watch.

  • I mean, you know, I mean, if you think about I mean, I often say that's about what Nigel's done.

  • Um, And when he and I got, I got to know each other.

  • I mean, I actually just sort of was in slight or the fact that he has given up, you know, basically 30 years of his life on I mean, the other popping is that which never you were never think spot.

  • But uncounted this, you know, so much money.

  • I mean, he sacrificed both personae from what he could have made and personally, what you don't have to spend on things like security on both these campaigns that he was running, You know, he's given basically everything to this one idea off that off the sovereign nation.

  • And as a result, I mean, I sort of just was in a when I first kind of was like, I put two and two together and finally made that realization that basically this guy has given everything, um on and as a result, I'm always just so impressed with his dedication to the cause.

  • He never gives up.

  • And so I mean, apart from being just a great, great laugh and great fun to be around and great to have a beer with, You know, he's He's one of those guys who you talk to him and he's his depth of experience over the over that 30 years is incredible.

  • Onda we were on a tablet, our wedding.

  • I mean, he gave the toasts and, you know, we had a great time and, you know, that was that was still in the midst of the kind of Brexit struggle.

  • You know, it was last year, just before the coming up, coming into the election after the Brexit Party had obviously completely demolished every one of the European elections.

  • So I mean, it was, you know, he and I have been very close.

  • We talk quite a lot, you know, and it's been great fun to work with him on so many different projects.

  • On the other.

  • Great thing is also that he's one of these kind of characters who I mean to some extent, this is kind of also a role which seems to be given to me, which is kind of hilarious, but also Candice's well, it's kind of these sort of, you know, mysterious conservative figures behind the scenes who nobody ever really knows, what's what they're up to.

  • And that is actually quite fine with Nigel's that he often does have plans up its sleeve, which nobody ever realizes, and then sort of had a sort of unleashes them upon the nation on Go to the Unsuspecting and that its way.

  • And that's always great to watch, because the media reaction is always you know, the God in getting it's knickers in a twist and you know, the independent trying to run another hit piece on him and it's just fun to watch, so it's fun to be involved with him way.

Can you speak a bit more about Nigel Farage?

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WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT NIGEL FARAGE: George Farmer On His Friendship With The Brexit Party Leader

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