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This is about Donald Trump.
This is about hating what he stands.
Ultimately, this is a political movement to try to delegitimize and destabilize our country, to try to win an election.
What Donald Trump represents is the exposing of the left.
And I'll use a military analogy for you with a worst case scenario.
You could get caught up in in the military as an infantry officer is what's called a nearer ambush.
It means you're in the kill zone.
You're surrounded by the enemy on the high ground.
They've got two dead to rights and the right on top.
If you hesitate, wait and try to, you know, pick a few shots.
There, you're dead.
Your only option you have is to immediately seek cover, lobbed grenades toward the enemy and then charge toward the enemy.
And what Donald Trump represents is the guy who said I'm not taking it anymore.
We need to punch back harder.
We need the lob those grenades and charge their positions.
Okay, This is the kind of guy we need right now.
Donald Trump is a warrior and said I'm gonna play my own game.
Forget about your political correctness.
I'm gonna call the media out for who they are.
You're a moron.
Sit down.
You're a liar.
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PETE HEGSETH - OUR FIGHT FOR FREEDOM: How To Protect America From The Aggressive Leftist Agenda

30 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 8, 2020
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