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Do you ever think about your reaction to?
You know that the Saturday Night Live skit where ah lot of people would have been the victim?
You know, a lot of people could have turned that into a big media scare.
And how dare they?
But I saw your interviews after that, and you weren't that way.
You kind of had that fortitude and that probably got you invited on the show.
And that probably lead to a lot of things.
Do you ever deconstruct that situation?
Am I right in making that?
Yeah, yeah.
Analyze that whole, that whole thing in the book on the chapter in the color sense of shame because my now it's just a word Shame.
Our current culture is that we do it wrong.
We do it wrong on a cultural level, a sparse shaming, others.
And we do it wrong on a personal micro level.
So on a cultural level, that's how the Star Night Live Skip that plays into it.
Because, yeah, you could have easily You could've easily seen that move in a different direction, where we shame them excessively and play that agree with victim.
Um, and that would have been the normal track for things, but we didn't do that, and therefore they allowed me on the show and we made something good out of it.
Now they definitely wouldn't have done that if I had again engaged in the extreme shaming that often occurs.
What our culture often does is is way we shame in the most extreme of ways.
And then the reaction to that shaming is equally extreme, and so it because it always goes one of two directions.
It's either the most profuse apology that you can imagine, which is totally unwarranted, like the person didn't even do anything.
Or it's a 10 year old tweets.
You know, things you just shouldn't be apologizing for.
It's not it's not.
It's not a just thing, um, or on the other extreme ends, they just don't care.
So you So there's never this nuanced middle ground where you say, I don't like what I wrote back then, but I'm not apologizing for it, but I don't stand by that now, you know, maybe that's that's a that's a nuanced reaction to something, Um, or like when Ellen Degenerate got hammered because she hung out with George W.
Bush a Dallas Cowboys game.
Her reaction was, was the right way to do it on.
And I write about her in my book because she takes that middle ground stance and she says, Hold on like I don't have to agree with everybody I hang out with.
We could still be friends.
That was interesting because you don't apologize to the mob.
Um, but she didn't ignore them, either.
She confronted it, I think, in the correct way.
JK Rolling is another good example of somebody who's who's dealing with that.
Now, I think, does it the correct way.
You know that these are people who obviously sharply disagree with me.
Maybe on everything, um, you know, But they actually.
But at least they're acting like true liberals, and that's important again.
Liberalism being is being trampled over.
And that's the last thing I want to see, because I happen to like having that balance.
I think it's a healthy balance.
So but But then you look at other mostly in the political side, where there's no because there's no apparent red are.
There's no redemption in our society anymore that there's no incentive for politicians to say they're sorry or to look back and do anything about it.
And if you're on the progressive left and you can get away with a lot.
The governor of Virginia has never explained this crazy yearbook photo with a black kind blackface standing next to a guy in a KKK.
But that would just There is not a single Republican politician that get away with this.
Not even close.
He's never even explained it.
And just you just never felt they had to because according to progressive left, you don't close your on their team.
So it's really mind blowing.
Um and, uh, yes, so that's the whole notion of shames important that I get into more of a in the book I get into more How does it affect your individual life?
And this is this is a little bit more straightforward, which is just feel bad when you screw up.
That's all I'm saying.
Just feel bad.
Feel bad when you when you litter on the street, feel bad when you when you probably could have picked up that mess, but you didn't just because you think that somebody of the restaurant will you know, um and I think that matters quite a bit.
Our current daily lives to where it's, you know, go to the grocery store and you know, there's a these sanitary what lights everywhere now because that's what we do.
It's Corona virus pandemic era and what you see one on the floor and you're like, Who put it on the floor?
Who did that and why?
You know, like then why don't you feel bad about it?
So this is because that sense of shame this leads you to be a stronger person.
If you could never learn from your mistakes.
If you could never feel.
If you're always feeling like you're perfect, then you'll never grow and you'll always be weak way.
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RESPONDING TO PETE DAVIDSON: Rep Dan Crenshaw On His Reaction To The Famous Saturday Night Live Skit

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 8, 2020
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