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I think you once said when you're on stage that what happens in American college campuses takes maybe five years to hit UK college campuses.
And I was wanted if you could maybe expand that if I got that right and also maybe speak a little bit about turning Point UK.
And you know, what is it like to go into a campus where the default is kind of this liberal or left view, and to try to have conservative conversations?
What, that What's that experience been like for you?
Yeah, I did.
You're quite right on that court.
I mean, I said, I think it was at Nottingham University when we were there.
That what happens in American college campuses will eventually find its way onto UK college campuses.
Um, that that is very true.
Um, because a lot of the debates which you see originating in UC Barkley uh, Berkeley, Um and you know, U C L.
And places like that eventually spread like kind of cancer.
You know, the progressive ideal is what is a cancerous one.
You know, it kills the host eventually, and I mean, that comes back to the point where I was saying about Cancel culture.
Eventually your career and everything and in your life will be cancelled by the left.
If you do not sign up to that totalitarian ideals, Um, you know, it's parasitic.
It grabs hold of anything which it can and will try and destroy it.
Andi, for example.
You know, at at the university campuses in America, this whole pulling down the statues, you know, became became a real debate 10 years ago.
It's now migrated.
Uh, I see that Oxford has decided to take down the statue of Cecil Rhodes.
Now, of course, what they should also be doing is canceling the Rhodes Scholarship.
You know, which has provided education, Teoh.
Numerous people from South Africa, for example.
You know, from a poor background.
So I mean, you know why?
Just pull down a statue of him?
One would just cancel the whole thing.
You know, anything to do with Cecil Rhodes?
We should cancel eso.
You know, if you really if you really want to be, you know that what they want to do is they want to pick and choose.
They want to pick what they like and they want.
And then we're gonna leave what they don't like.
They want to rewrite history in their own temperature.
So that's one area where that kind of debate has clearly migrated.
Um, you've also seen in that in that same vein.
Other things, For example, like the progressive kind of culture, you know, the Marxist march if you like the mark, the march of the Marxist ideas from left wing American, um, university professors into British universities on that was something that was becoming very prevalent in my day when I was at university on.
What that is meant is that, um there is being this kind of progressive march from, you know, giving culturally Marxist ideas air time on, um, air time on university campuses in southern California all the way through to now saying university campuses in Britain, you know, well, we need to have, um, the whole debate around like, for example, student loans has become hugely hugely sort of partisan in the UK and that that's that's an absurd argument because, you know, we don't even pay anywhere near the same.
Um, we don't pay anywhere near the same amount of the university life in Britain.
But of course, in us now.
This has become the topic.
So now it's migrated into the into UK as well.
I mean, so you you're seeing like these you're seeing this kind of great march of progressivism from university campuses in the U.
And eventually will find its way onto UK campuses as well on DSO as a result, you know, what do you seen throughout this whole thing is that left wing culturally Marxist ideas have found their way from American diversities on British campuses.
And that's being hugely troublesome.
Um, so and that worries me.
Um, you know, and as a result, turning point UK, obviously as a force for good in that in that area, Andi Turning Point UK is trying to take that debate on to university campuses in in Britain.
Andi has become has become a great voice for conservative values.
Over there on that gives me a lot of hope.
You know, this sea of turning point is all Yannis fell then.
He is a great great guy, and he's, you know, he's leading the charge and you've seen that great set of, you know, media influences who have grown up, um, in the UK political culture in the university campus culture in the UK, and that has become now a force for good in terms of challenging the dominant merit on.
So as a result, I'm very happy with the way that that's that narrative needed to be challenged.
It needed a group to take that fight on to university campuses.
It needed a group to stand up for conservative principles on.
And if there wasn't a group to stand up for conservative principles, you continue to see the march of the march of the Marxist ideas.
I mean, you know, the other area, of course, which is very dominant in in America is the rewriting of American history on, you know, trying toe sort of, you know, sponge out any parts of American history, which it doesn't which they don't like on that has now become the dominant theme in Britain.
You know, it's like, Oh, well, we don't like Churchill's view on something, so we'll just expunged Churchill from history.
You know, we don't like the fact that Britain had an empire, so we'll just explain is that from British history, you know, and I mean that that kind of Western civics education has become so unpopular amongst the left that, you know, trying to abolish.
It was something that you were doing 30 years ago was it's made its way now into British campuses as well, you know?
And of course, now we're rewriting British history.
Everything Britain never, ever has done is bad.
You know, we need to basically tell everyone that Britain is responsible for all the evils in the world.
Um, China into a narrative is enormously important and will become more important as that debate gets waas way.
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US VS UK COLLEGE CAMPUSES: George Farmer On The Key Differences Between American & British Schools

14 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 7, 2020
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