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and we are back with a guest in London.
Real studios I had my grandma on who is on talk radio, has an incredible show there that he broadcast every single day from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and ask great questions like, Why are we locked down?
Why are we doing silly things?
Why is nobody on the tubes?
Why are we running away from diseases that don't make sense?
What's going on with our governments?
What's going on with this woke ideology?
Why are we doing stupid things?
Why do we tolerate in cancel culture?
And we had an amazing conversation.
Of course we had to streaming on the digital freedom platform just in case we broke the rules.
It was great to talk to him about that.
He hasn't really come up against the censorship yet, But I said, Look, Mike is only a matter of time.
If you're doing the kind of things we're doing, I hope it doesn't happen to you.
But just beware.
If you keep speaking the truth, someone out there is gonna want to shut you down.
Really Enjoyed my time with my go check him out.
Follow him on Twitter and check out his show.
He's on YouTube as well.
A big fan of what he's done.
This guy's old school journalists, you know, made his bones on Fleet Street's Working a publication spent 10 years in New York City, and he's just a proper journalist man.
They don't make them like him anymore.
He really has an opinion that's really well informed, and he said something that I thought was kind of funny.
He's like, I get people to call up my show and they say My opinions just as important as yours And he said, No, it's not because mine is informed.
I've spent 20 years forming my opinion.
It's flushed out and makes sense.
So know your opinions not more important than mine.
And I thought that was an interesting point that he made.
This guy is really articulate.
He's not afraid to tell it like it is.
He's also not afraid to criticize people on the right when he thinks that they're wrong and I respect that.
But he thinks this whole radical we hate the UK, we hate America.
Marxist Socialist won't cancel.
Culture is also not the way forward, and I agree with them.
These people don't want to have debates.
They just want to cancel you for doing something that they don't think is right.
And they want a shame you for saying something that's obvious, that somehow seems to go against their victim narrative of celebrating victims.
And in my generation we celebrate heroes.
We don't celebrate victims, and you know I'm not that old, but I do think we should get back to that.
And Mike believes that as well.
So it's great talking to him.
We also talk about Trump, about Boris and about this joke of a mayor we have here in London named Setting Khan and how he really is a broken man.
He needs to really just step aside and let someone else get in there and do the work, because I think London is a beautiful city.
Have lived here for 20 years.
This city is in my bones in my DNA, and it's always, you know, brought me fortune and brought me the best of my game.
The people of London are incredible.
This is one of the top five cities in the world and it can be there again, but we need leadership We need someone that can go out there and leave from the front and stop whining and complaining and come up with intelligent policies for our police, for our transport, for our health care and just get people back to business.
You know, this city needs to be vibrant, and right now it's a goddamn ghost town, and I'm tired of it.
So I appreciate Mike's thoughts on that.
We're in agreement on this and hoping to get some new leadership next May.
Here, in this amazing city, that is London is my home town.
Okay, fine.
I was born in California, but honestly, this feels like home to me.
And, you know, look, my great great grandfathers were from this, uh, this ill, and, uh, it's nice coming back home to so big love out to Mike.
You can watch that a freedom platform, dot TV forward slash graham and check it out.
These guys, great and very entertaining to listen to and check out his show on talk radio.
They got a great YouTube channel.
They're blowing up the growing super fast and for good reason.
Mike's the real deal.
I really appreciate him.
I appreciate his points of view, and he's only going off from here.
So I look forward to doing more stuff in the future with him.
And thank you so much.
We're gonna keep broadcasting, no matter what.
We'll do it on YouTube.
We'll do it on Facebook or we'll do it on the digital Freedom platform.
Just crossed 35 1000 founding members who pulled out their wallets to contribute and fund the platform.
We can broadcast things like today with Mike.
Thanks to you, we're able to do it.
I appreciate the London Real Army.
Hashtag London Real army.
I love you guys and gals and people around the world.
What's up on the reels in the house?
All right, there they are.
Look, you're everywhere.
The armies everywhere.
We got this.
We're gonna break this city back to greatness.
And I appreciate you because at the end of the day, way will not be silenced.
We will not be censored.
We will not be stopped.
We got London real army in the back here.
And let's keep fighting, baby.
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Mike Graham from talkRADIO Just Left The Building - It’s Time For New Leadership in London ?? ?

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 7, 2020
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