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Well, tomorrow starts another baseball season.
Worked up a few statistics about our baseball team.
Charlie Brown.
I think you'll find there's something to say to all of us.
I'll bet they have a lot to say.
What did they say?
Well, last year our opponents scored 3000 runs to our total of six runs.
They made 4900 hits to our 11 hits, and they made four airs towards 375 years.
And while we were losing 999 straight games, we I don't think I'm going to get much sleep tonight.
More Linus and faithful statistics.
Charlie Brown, Do your team a big favor tomorrow.
What's that?
Don't show up.
I've got five boys, three girls and a dog who can't throw.
And every time we lose, they call me a blockhead.
They never let me forget the mistakes.
I me never.
Why do we have to suffer over a year like this?
Well, maybe that blockhead Charlie Brown won't show up this time and will have a chance.
Well, team, here am disaster time.
We're todo team.
Good grief.
No manager goes through what I do.
All right, now this season going to be different.
What's gonna make it different?
Well, first last year we hit into two money double plays.
Therefore, I run for demonstration on how to avoid double plays against us.
Snoopy is the runner coming in from first to break up the play at second and watch carefully.
The play begins with Linus feeling.
Why just field the ball?
Are there any questions?
I have a question.
Charlie Brown.
Do I have to play right field again?
Nobody in the stands can see my naturally curly hair.
And if I don't get time off to practice Beethoven, I'm not going to play catcher.
And we can't keep up all that read.
Ridiculous infield chatter.
I Come on, Charlie Brown at a boy.
You can do it because you can't do it.
Charlie Brown.
So you're turning us into a bunch of hypocrites, and we don't like being hypocrites.
This ball supposed to build character, not tear it down.
All right, All right.
A little cooperation.
Take your positions.
Pick pants.
Hasn't the other team showed up?
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33 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 7, 2020
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