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  • How does this play out in the next 12 months?

  • You know, how does this all affect the election?

  • I mean, like you said, they're weaponizing race.

  • Um, and it's the only thing they have, and so they're going all in on it.

  • And like you said, they're trying to score as many goals as possible.

  • And how does that play out in the election and hasn't played in the next 12 months?

  • Do they end up eating their own?

  • Which is something Dave Rubin thought that they would end up doing?

  • Do they end up taking it so far that everyone wakes up one day and says, Wait a second?

  • We don't want toe throw our history down the toilet?

  • Or do you think this can get worse because a couple years ago, with black lives matter, we never saw this coming.

  • Yeah, I, uh I mean, who would have predicted where we would be now?

  • I mean, it is Korea.

  • Easy to think about how this debate has changed.

  • I mean, I I am very much the opinion that I agree with Dave.

  • I mean, I think the left eats its own.

  • The left constantly eats its own which is kind of there's a strange sort of schadenfreude and watching it happen.

  • But I mean it.

  • You you've seen people like JK Rolling, you know, come out in favour of women, biological women and women on.

  • Do you know, she is now being canceled by her own actors, you know, and it's kind of entertaining to watch because I'm like, this is what will always happen to you guys.

  • This will this you will never be progressive and woke enough.

  • Eventually, you will have to draw a line somewhere when your own brain tells you that facts actually matter.

  • Um And you know, at that point, the progressive mobile come for you because for them, you know, sciences, racist gravity is racist.

  • The earth is as a whole is racist.

  • You know, nature is probably anti transgender.

  • I mean, you know, you saw some vegan activists try and stopping a wilder beast from being eaten by a line and were both hospitalized in Tanzania not so long ago.

  • I mean, that's the kind of absurd level that we're at on.

  • And so, you know, where do I think this guy's within the next 12 months?

  • You know, you're gonna have.

  • First of all, I mean, there's this There's this thing in the U S.

  • Called the election coming up on November, the third on.

  • And I think you know, you're gonna have I've personally think the silent majority will come out in favor of off Trump.

  • I'm not just saying that because, you know, obviously want him to win the groundswell of opinion and fact on dancer feedback we've got as an organization in the U.

  • S.

  • Has bean overwhelming.

  • And that's coming from both minority America And, you know, the suburban America and the white, the white America that we we plug into.

  • So you know this.

  • There's a huge out swelling of support for a lot of work that we're doing.

  • Volunteer Volunteer Network has gone through the roof.

  • I mean, it's difficult to describe, You know, we're small organization.

  • This is the black set foundation that I'm mentioning here, and it's a very small organization.

  • We only have a few employees, and but I Volunteer Network has just gone bananas on, Do you know, As a result, it's stiff.

  • I you know, I'm the treasure of the organization.

  • It's it's difficult to keep track of how much we're doing out because it's just so much plug in.

  • And this is from people of all races, of all creeds, of all colors, wanting to volunteer in all different states, to do things like food drops to do community cleanup to do, you know, after the rights, we deployed teams across numerous states to help people rebuild their shops.

  • We've distribute to cash small businesses like that's just on this Support has just been incredible.

  • And so from that angle, it's bean.

  • It's been actually really satisfying to watch.

  • And I think that minority voice and I think that the majority of the silent majority voice will be will be expressed in November and as a result I'm I'm hopeful that I think by the time we come to November, you know that that will result in a victory for Donald Trump.

  • Now, on the other hand, what I do think there is that that the margin of victory will be a really important factor.

  • You know, in in Donald Trump on Donald Trump's campaign for next year, because I think if the Democrats you are delivered us a landslide defeat, um, it will be very much the same, I think his you know, his one we did earlier Jeremy Corbyn in the UK that the Labour Party in the UK has is undergoing a part of its Corbyn night elements.

  • Right now you've seen Rebecca Long Bailey, you've seen Kier Starmer kind of trying x exercise An awful lot of the Corbyn I elements from his front from his courts or Cabinet bench on.

  • The reason being is because Corbyn ism as an ideology, you know, people like Ash Sarkar and Owen Jones and all these kind of guys on Twitter, um, you know clearly are clearly not attractive to the majority of people.

  • You know, you've seen that kind of urban, you know, white working class in the Midlands.

  • You've seen the kind of working class labour routes from which a lot of the labor movement was drawn abandoned that ideology because it's now progressive woke.

  • So that totalitarian ism, which has very little to do with helping ordinary people It's really just about trying to make everyone, you know, virtue signal.

  • And I think that that that that model could well be played at again here in November and I think the Democrat Party If it's if it slides to a crushing defeat, we'll have to ask itself, What place do we have in our party for people like a receipt for people like Proceeded to live for people like you, Don Omar, who have really lead our party into this kind of aggressive progressive Socialism model, which now clearly has no appeal to the American voters?

  • Of course, Then you've also got the question is to what role the Joe Biden haven't in our defeat.

  • You know, I think he would have a huge one.

  • But I also think you've got You've either got a stale Democratic establishment Pelosi, Biden, Schiff or you've got an ultra left wing progressive socialist element.

  • So both sides of the party, you're gonna try and purge each other of each other on.

  • As a result, you you will probably have a Democratic Party.

  • Civil War.

  • They've only found common ground in this election because they both hate Donald Trump's so much that they've been able to unite over this one point.

  • Now, you know, as a result, getting Donald Trump out of office is the number one priority.

  • If they lose in November, it is going to be.

  • Get the popcorn because you're gonna You're gonna enjoy watching these guys tear themselves to pieces because they will have no idea which way to take that party.

  • Um, Andi in the UK, as I said, You know, you've had you've had that play out already, and it's being kind of quite entertaining in some ways to watch the Labour left wing, front bench and the Labour Party sort of social influences.

  • You know, try and justify their own existence in the aftermath of what was the largest parliamentary defeat for 80 years, so that that's how I think it play that in the next 12 months on Guy think also.

  • When that happens, then a lot of this kind of nonsense rhetoric were saying around, you know, be at them, and the kind of revision of your revision of American history will die as well on you know.

  • Then it will try and find a place, of course, in the midterms.

  • They were trying to find a place in the next in the next election cycle after that on, but will continue to do so until you know, until enough of minority or America wakes up and says not in our name, which is ever see kind of work.

  • What?

  • We're also trying to push forward from Candace aside.

  • Eso I think I think until that that might already awakening happens.

  • You're you're gonna You will see a continued played out.

  • And when it does happen, then that debate is over way.

How does this play out in the next 12 months?

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