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Imagine you're Rome, yes you're the empire itself, and you're minding your business
when suddenly you see France collecting resources in your territory!
You send an emote to let them know that, one, they shouldn't be here, and two, they're
about to be crushed.
You muster your troops and bring the hammer down on France when…
Oh no!
It was an ambush!
Rome is smashed by sneaky France.
There's nothing left to do but retreat and gather your allies for revenge…
This was a pretty stupid way to die and is happening every day in Rise of Kingdoms, the
epic strategy game.
Use the link in the description to download now and get details on their upcoming giveaway!
An American rock band once said, “Do you realize.... that everyone you know... someday...
will die.”
It's pretty obvious, but it's also quite a sobering thought.
None of us will be here, in say, 130 years.
Maybe this video will still be out there, a digital antique, and people will laugh at
how weird we communicated when they see what you guys have written in the comments.
So, today we will embrace the fact that one day we will all die, and you my friends can
now sit back and enjoy what we'll call the “World Cup of Ridiculous Deaths.”
Don't get friendly with some wild animals Some people in this world of ours have mistakenly
thought that wild animals are not actually that wild, and so they have gotten up close
to what we might call natural born killers in the animal kingdom.
Arguably the most famous case was that of a guy named Timothy Treadwell.
If you haven't seen the movie about his exploits called “Grizzly Man”, we suggest
you do that at some point.
Treadwell spent many summers in Alaska living among grizzly bears, animals that can rip
a person's face off with one swipe.
These animals are certainly fluffy and cute, but they are not the kind of things we suggest
you treat like a teddy bear.
Treadwell was actually cautious with bears, but he also got up close to them.
Too close.
After 13 summers with the bears, parts of his clothing were found inside the stomach
of a 28-year grizzly.
His girlfriend was also eaten.
So yes, you have to be careful when you are around wild animals.It should be obvious,
but it obviously isn't obvious to some people.
There are a few recent cases of people being killed by wild animals.
We don't mean to make fun of these people since their families are still grieving for
them, but if we don't say anything then we won't get the message across that you
should not get up close to certain beasts.
In 2018, a man in India decided he wanted a selfie with a bear.
That didn't end well, since the apex predator mauled him to death.
Maybe you think that's unusual, but quite a few people have taken mortal selfies with
wild animals.
In fact, the BBC reported in 2018 that there had been a spate of deaths in India because
people thought they could take selfies with elephants.
Our advice is, don't do it, it's not worth the 'likes' on social media.
In 2016, in China, a man thought it would be a good idea to get up close to a Walrus
at a wildlife park and take a selfie.
The walrus wasn't playing around, though, and pulled the man into the water and killed
A zookeeper also died while trying to help the man.
In 2015, officials at Yellowstone National Park had to issue a stark warning to all visitors.
Yep, there had been lots of cases of people doing this, and while no one died, some people
suffered very serious injuries after being tossed around like a doll.
It's like this.
Some folks hit flies away with their hands.
They don't like flies.
Well, some animals don't much like humans being around them.
Some of them even want to eat you.
Unfortunately, it gets worse than this, as you'll now see.
The gun just went off If you search online for people who accidentally
shot and killed themselves you will find that it happens quite often.
Guns are not toys, and that's why they have safety mechanisms.
There are too many cases of this happening to mention, and a lot of them happened in
recent months and years in the USA.
We found another case of a partygoer dying while messing with a gun.
This case happened in India in 2018.
Three guys were drinking when one man started showing off his pistol.
The gun accidentally went off and the man died.
It was reported in some Indian media that guy was actually playing the game Russian
Roulette…He lost.
If you don't know what this game is, it's putting one bullet in the chamber of a revolver
and then spinning the chamber.
You then put the gun to your head and pull the trigger, hoping that the bullet isn't
the one in the chamber.
You'd think someone would have to be crazy to play this game, but if you look online
you'll find plenty of people who've died this way.
Some cases are quite recent and happened in the USA.
In Thailand in 2017, a man played this game with his wife.
That was a very bad move because he ended up killing her.
Be careful what you shoot at, too.
In 1982, some guys in Arizona thought it would be fun to shoot at massive saguaro cacti.
One of the men shot at a 26 feet tall cactus and a bit of it broke off.
It landed on him and crushed him to death.
The moral of the story is, never, ever, play with guns.
Don't become a statistic…don't end up being talked about on the Infographics Show.
The next dumb way to die is arguably an even bigger killer around the world.
Death by Mushroom Mushrooms grow everywhere, and some of the
edible ones sometimes look a bit like the poisonous ones.
You wouldn't believe how many people just pick up some wild mushrooms, go home, eat
them, and die.
There are so many cases, and it seems most mushroom deaths happen in Asia…but not all.
In 2019, one French woman died and three others were hospitalized after they had picked up
some wild mushrooms they believed to be porcini mushrooms.
They weren't.
They were a mushroom known as a “death cap”, which doesn't sound like something you should
The lesson here is, you should never pick your own mushrooms unless you are a mushroom
There are lots of deadly mushrooms in this world of ours.
These things have actually killed families, and have injured or killed many people living
in small communities.
In 2014, 14 people in Northern California became severely ill after eating mushrooms
they had foraged.
No one died, but they almost did.
Three of the people needed liver transplants.
We found other cases in the 90s when people died in California after picking mushrooms
they fought they could eat.
The mushrooms again were Death Caps.
Deaths Caps look like something you could eat, but they also look a bit like magic mushrooms,
the hallucinogenic mushroom.
Not too long ago four men in the U.S. became seriously ill after eating Death Caps.
They thought they were going to get high and talk about the meaning of existence.
Instead they suffered severe liver damage.
Ok, now to enter the realm of violent deaths again.
This is not how you'd want to go.
Be careful where you swim It's not really a dumb way to die if you
just swim and something decides to eat you, but it's quite dumb if you've seen all
the “don't swim” signs that tell you the water is full of massive crocodiles.
It's happened in Australia in recent years, with one case involving a young man ignoring
the signs and taking a dip.
That swim ended up with the man being partly eaten by a croc.
It's happened in the ocean when massive saltwater crocodiles have taken people's
lives, but it's also happened in rivers.
There's a stretch of water in Australia called East Alligator River.
Hmm, would you want to enter that river?
Well, authorities in recent years have been saying people know very well that they should
not go in the water, but they do it as a kind of dare.
Some parts of this river you can wade across, and there's a notorious crocodile hotspot
called Cahill's Crossing.
One guy tried to cross in 2017 and he didn't get very far.
A crocodile took him and killed him.
When he was taken he was only standing in ankle-deep water.
You should always do what those signs tell you.
We are not even going to mention how many drownings there are when people swim in the
ocean when signs say not to because of the conditions.
Just do what you are told, that's our advice.
The next one probably kills more people than anything on this list.
Treating cuts We'll make this one short.
Our advice is, if you cut yourself and you have an open wound, then get it treated.
Don't just ignore it, because the cut might become infected.
You know what, scores of people don't treat their wounds and later they die from an infection.
In the 17th century there was a famous case and it involved a composer named Jean-Baptiste
This guy loved dancing, and one particular dance he enjoyed involved banging a staff
on the floor.
One day he missed the floor and hit his foot.
This caused a pretty serious wound and it led to an infection.
Lully was told at the time that his infection could kill him, and his leg would have to
be amputated.
The man said no, if I lose that leg, I won't be able to dance anymore.
He died soon after.
Now for something we might call completely disgusting.
Over Eating Yep, some people just eat too much in one
sitting and die.
There's an old Monty Python movie that features a man in a restaurant that eats until he explodes,
and while that won't happen, people can die from consuming massive meals.
It happened in the 18th century to Adolf Frederick, the King of Sweden, aka, “The man who ate
himself to death.”
In one meal he ate lots of his beloved lobster, dishes of caviar, some sauerkraut, some smoked
herring, and he washed that down with lots of champagne.
After that, he had a whopping 14 servings of semla served in a bowl of hot milk.
Semla is like a cream bun.
This meal was in fact not far from what that guy ordered in the Monty Python movie.
The King didn't explode, but he couldn't digest that much food and he died.
You can die of a reputed stomach, something you might have seen in the movie called, “Seven.”
The Lancet reported a case in the 1980s of a slim London-based model dying because she
ate too much.
That publication said she had consumed, “a half-pound steak, one pound of liver, two
pounds of kidney, two eggs, one cauliflower, 10 peaches, four pears, four bananas, two
apples, two glasses of milk, two slices of bread and two pounds each of grapes, plums
and carrots.”
It was just too much and her stomach ruptured, which means burst.
Death by eating too much has happened at eating competitions, too.
A man in California recently died while taking part in a taco-eating contest.
A guy who watched the contest and saw this man eat said, “It was like he'd never
eaten before.
He was just shoving the tacos down his mouth without chewing.”
The guy collapsed during the contest.
It's thought he choked to death.
There are scores of stories of people dying after eating too much.
Look online and you will find them.
One particular guy might have seen the movie “Cool Hand Luke”, because in that movie
Luke eats forty boiled eggs for a bet.
This happened in India and it involved two men.
One guy bet his friend that he couldn't eat fifty raw eggs in one sitting.
The man got to 41 and died.
Doctors said his death was simply caused by over-eating.
The next on the list is the most surprising, and disturbing.
Vitamin Overdose Too much of a good thing can kill you, and
that good thing could be a certain vitamin.
Yes, consuming too many vitamins can be fatal.
There is a famous case of a bunch of explorers that had a terrible time on an Australasian
Antarctic expedition.
Two men died after falling into a crevasse and two other guys got lost.
They survived by eating the dogs they had with them.
The men got back to the basecamp but they both fell very ill and one of them died.
First he became terribly sick.
His hair fell out... his skin peeled off... he became delirious and then he died.
Doctors now say these symptoms were in line with a Vitamin A overdose.
The vitamins apparently came from the dogs' livers.
Those guys didn't have many options, but some people choose to get too many vitamins
down them.
In 1974, a health advocate in London decided to consume 70 million units of Vitamin A in
around 10 US gallons (38 liters) of carrot juice over a period of ten days.
His skin turned yellow and he died.
When you consume too many vitamins you can suffer from something called “Hypervitaminosis”.
This can be deadly, and you can find instances of when it happened.
You might get kidney damage and survive, but you might also give up the ghost.
It happened to a 10-year old boy in India in 2016.
He was prescribed vitamin D supplements, but it was just too much and he overdosed.
We found more recent cases in the UK when people died after consuming too much vitamin
D. In some cases it's the doctor's who are dumb, not the consumers.
We don't want to scare you from getting your essential vitamins…just don't go
And for the last one, you are going to see that many young folks die every year from
doing one stupid thing.
Deadly Deodorant Ok, so we all want to smell good, but you
should know that people have died from using too much deodorant.
These are sad stories since the victims probably had an issue with how they smelled or what
some people had said to them about their body odor, but they really shouldn't have gone
crazy with that spray.
In the 1990s a UK teenager died after spaying himself with deodorant all the time.
It wasn't the fact that the stuff killed him by getting in his skin, but the fact that
he sprayed it too often in a confined space.
He died because over time he just inhaled too much spray.
The autopsy showed 0.37mg of butane per liter was in his blood.
A level of 0.1mg per liter can kill you.
It happened another time not that long ago in the UK.
A young man was obsessed with his smell and he used deodorant all the time.
In fact, an investigation found he had 45 cans of the stuff in his room.
He inhaled too much, and died.
His mother later said, “He would not take showers but would stand there with a deodorant
and spray half the can on him.”
You can actually find lots of deodorant deaths that happened in the UK and the U.S. over
the last few years.
It's happened to both boys and girls.
We won't mention them all because there are way too many.
What we will say, is you should know that this can happen.
We don't mean to make fun of those people, but we want you to know the dangers.
That's why those sprays usually come with the warning, “use in well-ventilated places.”
Don't forget, civilization is calling you to battle, immortalize your journey!
Download Rise of Kingdoms and get details on their upcoming giveaway at the link in
the description!
Now you should watch the first video we did on the dumbest ways to die here, “Dumbest
Ways To Die”.
Or watch this…
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Even Dumber Ways To Die

16 Folder Collection
Summer published on August 6, 2020
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