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that is.
You know what's going on, Mr Ross?
My name's anyway, Sheriff Abdi, I really would like, you know, for example, I'm very you know, for example, I'm very happy to meet You know what's going on?
I support you know, this video.
You know, this identity, you know, talking about his, you know, at the bottom of his heart and for integrity.
And you know what you're supporting That would support and community.
Therefore, I'm really delighted.
She I just e just met this guy was just heading in the market.
Is Sharif reason for small yet?
He's been here for eight years, British citizen.
He's been watching our stuff that I really appreciate you freedom of speech, You know, it's important, right?
Thank you.
Do you think we should be allowed to say what's on our mind?
Why is that important?
Because it's very important to speak from euro.
You're out of your mind.
You know, for example, off without feeling any consequence, why should I, You know, afraid you're speaking out off my mind as long as I'm talking about you know what's called in with integrity?
Everything which ethical which spaced off you know what's going on there?
Especially, you know what's for the base of human rights?
I wouldn't worry.
Enough rate.
Of course I would talk about, you know, but the bottom of my heart.
What about mass, man?
What do you think about these masks, man?
I myself, I don't really don't masks because off, you know, temps off.
You know, trouble.
Health and safety.
We supposed to know Excel?
You know what's called in Carbondale?
Excite that traps, For example, What's going on when you are taking You know what's again inhaling oxygen?
That creates a lot of complication.
Tim's firm Somebody especially, you know, in you need oxygen.
Plus, if you're wearing a mask, man, I couldn't send your facial expression.
I couldn't see.
You're a cool dude.
Now we can communicate like I can see.
You could see me.
They put mass on this man that they're separating.
That's right.
I can see your beautiful smile on this guy is beautiful.
Smile as well.
Look, Sheriff, I really appreciate you, man.
Thank you.
Thanks for doing all this stuff.
All right.
We got David, like, back in the building tomorrow.
Look, everyone's out there.
London Real Army.
They're everywhere, like this gentleman here.
Speak up.
Say we're not having it.
And that's how we're gonna make a change here.
Don't comply.
Don't acquiesce.
Don't count how we're gonna get there.
I appreciate you.
All right.
There we go.
There he is, The man.
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Is Freedom Of Speech Important? ? Real Talk From Real People on The Streets of London ?? ?? ♥️

23 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 3, 2020
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