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you grew up in a dairy farm in Massachusetts.
But also your father died.
I think when you were three in the World War two.
Really, too.
He died when I was two, but his they didn't Reporters death until a year later.
So it Z between two and three.
I didn't see him in the last year of this life.
And yet one of your godparents was one of the Rockefellers.
So you had David Rockefeller, the Rockefellers, who had this strange existence where you're milking cows on one hand and then you're hanging out on Fifth Avenue or these these estates talked to me about foreigners 56 40.
Is that Rockefeller Plaza or you go those that, David, it's house.
Okay, What's it like?
How did that change you?
A SSM young man to grow up with these two realities?
Maybe it gave me and more independent mind.
I mean, I definitely knew what life was like, And, uh, in real poverty.
I mean, my this dairy farming in the Berkshires was not a lucrative pursuit.
Well, while I was growing up, and my stepfather, who is also my father's first cousin, had, uh, really, uh, difficult and life and had no extra money at all.
And, uh, then then I would go off to, Ah, the Rockefellers for Verse, Vacations and Seal Harbor and Maynor and J.
Y Ranch and Jackson Hole.
Wyoming and I spent a year living in this house and New York at 1 46 for the You know, I'm really losing.
Anyway, I think I lived there for a year or more.
York City when you and I spent, I spent a lot and I was as a kid, I really was persuaded by David that I was a very special person who, because David admired my father, I think I can say as much as any person in the world.
He thought my father was a genius and, ah, and he thought is lost in the Second World War was a tragedy.
My father went to Germany with David after graduating from Harvard in 1936 and they saw Hitler speak and and saw what was happening to Germany and and my father decided on the spot that war was inevitable with Nazi Germany, and he came back to the United States and began Ah, civilian flight training and so he'd be prepared for what they thought would be a war that would be settled by air power.
That was his insight was that the war would be resolved by air power.
And he was one of the first youngest members of the Council on Foreign Relations and debated with people like Allen Dulles about what to do about Germany.
And it was, um he was a really remarkable man, And David treated me is kind of without much evidence is that I could detect as, uh, embodying all this a lot of virtues of my father that he saw on my father and that didn't really contribute to my life in a crucial way.
And, uh, I like to think that that my father might have liked a lot of my books wealth and I saw a book that my father was writing before he died.
He was running an economics text, and I didn't see it until after I wrote wealth and poverty, but it was largely about intangible capital.
And, uh, this is really an Austrian economic concept, which was central toe.
All my life books and an information theory of capitalism today really is based on intangible capital.
Material resource is are meaningless.
They're all the All the atoms of the universe are, uh, remain.
And the question is how we deal with these Adams and that's ideas.
Intangible capital of determines the future of the economy.
And my father saw that is the in his twenties before you got in Toby 17 fighter bomber, terrible plane that the half of him never made it across the Atlantic.
Andi he never made it across the Atlantic u lead a squadron of b seventeens that, you know, with brilliant idea of the designers that that you wouldn't need any fighter planes if you had all the fighter capacity in the bombers and the mixture of a fighter and bomber.
In contriving this device, they neglected to make it capable of flying across the Atlantic in a storm.
And that cost my father and and thousands of other pilots their their lives had in the Atlantic until the B 7 to 10.
Also give me an idea of how what a Cluj is.
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MY LIFE GROWING UP: The Impact Having David Rockefeller As A Godfather Changed George Gilder's Life

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 2, 2020
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