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January 26th 1991 night, the Iraqi desert.
Two SUVs barrel across the moon, Bright desert toward Chris.
He crouches low, giving into position.
His body shakes from the wild pounding of his heart.
He breathes deep and thinks of his two year old daughter.
His hand steadies the vehicles air closer, now 55 yards away, then 40 yards, 30 yards at 20 yards.
He pulls the trigger.
A rocket bushes from the launcher first SUV explodes with a heavy bank.
Thick smoke billowing up.
Chris launches a grenade at the second SUV, nailing its hood.
Then he pops up charges toward the vehicles, spraying bullets in case there's anyone still alive in the wreckage.
Satisfied that he won't be chased anymore, Chris turns and runs until it feels like it's heart is going to burst.
For now, he's escaped the enemy.
He doesn't know if anyone else in his patrol is alive or dead.
His only chance for survival is to walk across the desert and cross into Syria.
It was supposed to be a straightforward mission.
During build up to the ground invasion of Iraq, B squadron of the 22nd s.
A s is stationed at a forward operating base in Al Jawf, Saudi Arabia.
38 Man patrols Bravo 10 Bravo 20 in Bravo 30 are to infiltrate deep into Iraqi territory on intelligence gathering missions.
The main task of Bravo to is to find a good lying up position and set up an observation post to monitor the main supply route, or MSR, that runs between the town of Hotted A and three airfields.
It stop that the Iraqi army is moving Scud missile launchers.
Along this round, the patrol is to report on enemy movements via radio or sat con.
After 10 days, a chopper will resupply them or move them to a new location.
Robbo to consists of Patrol commander Sergeant Andy McNab, Sergeant Vince Phillips, Corporal Chris Ryan, Lance Corporal Dinger Pring and troops Bob Concilio Legs, Lane stand McGown and Mark over on the night of January 22nd in R A F Chinook drops the soldiers in the Iraqi desert unlike the other two patrols, Bravo to ops to travel on foot instead of bringing vehicles.
It's a decision they'll soon regret.
The mission gets off to a rough start.
Desserts colder than expected it's hard work moving their heavy equipment.
They've misjudged the terrain from four outdated maps.
Bravo, too soon realizes that the spot they're in is hot.
There's an anti aircraft encampment less than 1/4 of a mile away legs.
The patrols.
Radio Man has trouble contacting command on the radio the day after their insertion.
Bravo two is compromised when a young goat herder stumbles upon them and then alerts other people.
In the afternoon, the patrol finds themselves hunkered down in a wadi or a drive river channel from about 219 yards away on a bluff.
Two Iraqi men watch them.
It's a tense moment, and then Chris makes a bad mistake.
He waves.
It's meant to be a disarming gesture, but he waves with his left hand, which is offensive in Arab culture.
Men instantly began firing their weapons.
Bravo two returns.
Fire in the situation rapidly deteriorates.
The Iraqis air quickly, joined by a dump truck full of men with a K 47.
As the firefight rages on, patrol retreats further down the riverbed, struggling under the weight of their heavy haver sacks while shooting and trying to evade getting shot.
Chris activates his tactical rescue beacon or tax be and yells that they're under its hat and he also activates his taxi.
Though they're beacons air set to different frequencies to alert both us and S s forces, neither gets a response.
Bravo to ditch is their biggest packs.
So they move faster.
Legs lose behind radio equipment.
At the last minute, Chris runs almost 20 yards back to get a hip flask his wife had given him as a present out of his discarded pack.
Miraculously, the patrol escapes the Iraqi fighters.
They regroup some distance away.
Amazingly, no one had been hit, but they lost a lot of their gear.
Not sure if their communications have gone through.
They decide not to wait for a rescue to show up and head for the Syrian border as dusk falls Bravo to detours and doubles back through the rough, rocky terrain in case they're being followed.
Then they walk south periodically marks, which is on his GPS to get a fix on a satellite.
They then check their maps to determine which way to go.
After walking for several hours, stand collapses he has on thermal underwear, and the fast pace is caused him to sweat heart.
He's dehydrated.
Chris, whose trained as a medic gives him rehydrate powder mixed into water.
Some of the others want to find a safe hiding spot and leave stand behind, but Chris won't allow it.
It cajoles and threatens the semi conscious stand into continuing to walk when they venture near the MSR.
Fearing discovery, Chris sets an even more punishing walking pace.
Events keep up with the rest of After about an hour, they paused, consult which way to go and discovered that the rest of the patrol Andy Bob Marca, legs and dinger are missing from higher ground.
They paused to look out over the desert floor, but don't see the missing soldiers.
Chris turns on his tacky and to see if, by chance and he has his on, they'd be able to communicate.
Unfortunately, there's no answer.
The patrol is down to three soldiers.
Chris stand in Vince walk on, occasionally trying to contact Andy on the taxi at around 5 a.m. Having hiked some 43 miles through the night, they take shelter in a ditch.
The take turns sleeping and keeping watch.
As the day wears on.
It grows colder and begins to snow after resting stand seems better.
Christmas feeder beginning to grow blisters due to his rough wool socks, the three snuggle together in the muddy, snowy ditch until dark.
At night.
They set out trying to navigate toward the border compass.
They walked for hours in the freezing cold.
Vince gets belligerent and loses his grip on reality due to hypothermia.
Eventually he falls behind.
Christian stand briefly retraced their steps, but they can't find him.
Chris makes the difficult decision to press on, and stand agrees.
The patrol is now down to two after walking for hours near morning, Chris and stand cuddle for warmth in a wadi and sipped whiskey from Chris's Flask.
Thankfully, it's a sunny day, and they're able to dry out.
Some precedes two biscuits, the last of his food.
They've lost track of time, but they think it's Saturday, January 26th midday.
They hear the jingling bells, goats.
Along with the goats, comes the threat of them being discovered again.
Chris wants to ambush and kill the herder, but Stan doesn't want to kill a civilian against Chris's wishes, stand steps out of their hiding places and tries to communicate with the herd.
Unfortunately, the surprised herder doesn't speak English, and they don't speak Arabic.
Stand decides to go to the nearby village with the herder.
Chris begs him not to go, but stands adamant.
Chris tells him he'll wait until 6:30 p.m. For stand to come back.
As promised, Chris waits until dusk for standard return for checking his compass in walking north.
He's watched for about 15 minutes when he sees the lights of an approaching SUV thinking that it's stand, he runs toward the SUV, and that's when he notices a second set of headlights stand would never send two vehicles.
Chris turns and runs from the SUVs, and that's when they begin to chase him across the desert.
After Chris destroys the SUV's with his rocket launcher, he continues his trek toward Syria.
Now out of water, he keeps thinking that he should reach the Euphrates River soon but doesn't.
Eventually he sees a small village with crops.
Surely there, near the river, Chris stealthily skirts the village.
As the dogs start barking at the river, he tries to fill his water bottle but discovers that the water is shallow over a layer of silt, so he waits out further and ends up getting sucked down by quicksand.
Luckily, Chris is able to struggle free.
He carefully feels this water bottle in the water is murky, foul smelling, but it tastes good.
Kris realizes he can't cross the river.
It's cold and the middle current is too strong and unpredictable.
He has to go another way.
Chris spends the next few nights hiking through the desert, occasionally zigzagging miles out of his way to avoid villages, vehicles and goat herders.
He sips a little whiskey when he needs a pick me up with each step, his blistered feet grow more painful during the days he hides in the bodies or culverts and rest.
Sometimes he turns on his taxi, but there's never any answer.
He consult its map but has trouble lining up landmarks with it, crisscrosses the MSR again and becomes demoralized by a highway sign, which announces that al Qaeda is 50 kilometers, which means that the Syrian border is 80 to 90 kilometers away.
He thought he was much closer.
The lack of water becomes an urgent problem again.
Starting to get careless from exhaustion, Chris stumbles into a signal base but manages to avoid the soldiers at times crawling and shimmying across the ground, he finds a clear spring and feels his water bottles.
Then Chris accidentally wanders into the large compound of a local politician.
A huge portrait of Saddam Hussein is painted on one of the buildings.
As the day approaches, Chris is deciding where to hide.
When he realizes that two men are headed in this direction, there's no way they won't see him when they passed.
Despite his exhausting Christmas training takes over.
He ambushes the men, stabbing one in the throat with his knife.
He wrestles the other man to the ground and, using a judo hold, snaps his neck.
He drags the bodies into the tall grass by the riverbank to hide them.
Chris takes refuge in a stinky sewer culvert full of rotting trash and feces.
It could barely maneuver his stiff fingers to open his water bottle, finally gets it open and takes a sip of water, tastes metallic and seems to burn Chris's mouth, spits it out and uses his flashlight compass mirror to check his tongue.
Everything looks okay.
He tries a second mouthful of water with the same reaction.
Clearly, the water's bad.
Chris dumps it out.
Very disappointed.
It's been eight days since he had a proper meal, and two days since he's run out of water.
Christmas feed continuously ache, but he doesn't dare take his boots off because he doesn't know if he'll be able to get them back on.
Furthermore, he's lost feeling in the tips of his fingers and due to the dirt stuck under his fingernails.
Infection is set in.
Chris Does is uncomfortably in the culvert, waiting for dark at night, Chris is finally able to escape the compound area.
He lives toward the town of Krabi, LA.
But can't find it.
Later, he'd learned that crab in law was blacked out due to war, and he's gone right past it.
Eventually, Chris comes to a big barbed wire fence final.
Is this the border?
He manages to cross it with only minor injuries and staggers on.
Suddenly there's a blinding light, and Chris wakes up.
Sometime later, he drags himself to his feet and keeps going.
He has several random blackouts.
Chrissy's a dwelling in the distance and makes four.
He turns on his tacky If need be.
He'll kill someone for water.
The goatherd family, although surprised and rather suspicious, helps Crist.
He manages to ask where he is, and they can confirm that he's in Syria.
They give him water, sweet tea and flatbread, but against wallet for the first time in days, he takes off his boots.
His feet are rotting in the toenails falling off.
An older woman washes his feet.
For a while, he's able to lay by a fire, warming his feet in letting them breathe through sounds and sign language.
Chris communicates that he wants to go to the police.
He gives the family a gold coin for their help.
That actually makes things grow.
They want more money and threatened him with an ancient rifle.
But he minds that he's out of money.
The young man is aggressive about taking crystal town, so Chris carefully eases his feet back into his boots, and he and the young man stand on the side of the MSR and hitch a ride.
The camel farmer driver who picks them up speaks a little English.
Chris lies to him, saying that he's a crash airline pilot.
Halfway through the ride, the driver kicks the young man out and send him back home.
Chris starts to worry.
In the tiny town they stopped for gas.
The farmer gets belligerent.
Chris tries to bargain with.
The farmer, whips up a crowd of people chased by a mob.
Chris runs into a police station.
The police take away his kit and opening.
It's a tense moment when they find his 203 automatic rifle grenade.
Luckily, an official who speaks English shows up and asks for information.
Chris provides is correct the name and birthdate, but lies about his regiment and repeats the crashed pilot story strip searched, blindfolded and two wild car rides.
Later, Christians up in Damascus.
He's delivered to the head of the Mukhabarat, the Syrian secret police, the secret police allowed to finally get properly cleaned up.
For the first time in several days, Chris sees himself in a mirror.
He's gone.
He's dropped from 176 to £140 losing £36 in 10 days.
Though the authorities provide him with a feast he can't eat, he can only drink water for Chris's request they taken to the British Embassy.
He's questioned by embassy brass and writes down his whole story.
They work out the rowdy took and chances are, the spring he drank from was contaminated with the nuclear effluent.
After a few days of government red tape, Chris flies into a basin.
From there, he ends up in Riyadh, where he's interviewed multiple times by the brigadier and colonel and commanded the special forces.
The rest of Chris's patrol is still missing.
No one knows what happened to them.
The other patrols Bravo one and brother of three, had declared their areas too dangerous upon arrival and had been extracted shortly thereafter.
As it turns out, legs had been given the wrong radio frequencies, and the base only received three garbled messages.
On January 24th the army waited two days before mounting a search, which had to be aborted due to bad weather.
Another search was mounted on the 27th with focus on the most likely escape route, but they didn't find the patrol.
1/3 search was also aborted, this time due to a nil pilot.
On February 24th the ground war launched and was over in five days.
As it turns out, five members of Bravo to stand dinger, Mark and Andy were separately taking this POWs, ultimately ending up in the same prison.
Eventually, they were handed over to the Red Crescent and released after the war.
Legs died from hypothermia while trying to cross the Euphrates.
Bob died after being caught in a firefight, and Vince died of exposure in the Desert.
Patrol originally broke into two because Andy heard a jet and stopped to use his taxi.
Bob legs Mike and Dinger had been behind Andy, so they stopped with him.
After trying to contact the jet, the men saw movement ahead and thought it was an Iraqi patrol.
So they stayed put until the patrol moved on.
And by that time, Chris Vincent Stan had vanished.
Chris physically recovered in about six weeks.
The dentist had to remove some loose teeth, and Chris's gums have receded due to malnutrition.
He also had a blood disorder from drinking dirty water and a high level nzonzi in his liver, produced in reaction to the nuclear influence.
Thankfully, he didn't have radiation poisoning.
It took Chris much longer to overcome the recurrent nightmares and psychological scars the mission cost.
In all, he walked just under 200 miles in 10 days.
Ever wonder who the most lethal special forces units in the world are?
Prepare to be impressed and good for your bones or not, milk can be deadly.
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Stranded Soldier Drinks Nuclear Waste To Survive (True Story)

16 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 2, 2020
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