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Can you remember your best day on the job and your worst day on the job?
And I'm sure those best and worst have strange definitions to, but yeah, you know, um, worst day on the job for me.
One of two days.
One of the 1st 1 be the day that I got shot overseas because my operational career came to a screeching halt at that point.
And I was unsure whether or not I was going to be able to continue in that career path That happened 2005.
So that happened nine years.
Yeah, nine years into my military service and I ended up doing 17.
So I was able to continue second, most difficult day for me in my career was the day that I drove off base for the last time.
I had a crashing realization that I had spent my adult life doing the one thing that I knew I wanted to dio and had not spent the requisite amount of time thinking about what I wanted to do after.
So, um and then as far as my best day, my best day in the seal community was the day that my first son was born trumped anything that I've ever done in uniform, and it has more meaning and impact to me than anything that I will ever be rewarded for.
That I did when my time in uniform or remembered for, for that matter, why is that?
Because everybody in the military and again this is my opinion.
And any time I speak about the military, I try to be very clear.
With this, I can only speak from my experiences.
And from my opinion, I don't speak for the military or anybody else.
So my time in uniform was rented.
You know I don't care who you are and how great you served.
There is a point in time in your life where you're going to hang metaphorically and figuratively hang up your uniform in a closet.
You're not gonna get toe wear anymore, and you'll have some impact during that time that you served.
But it's not gonna be very long lasting and looking back at both my time in Iraq and Afghanistan, it made a difference.
But it made a difference in that moment, and it made a difference in that specific geography and maybe a little bit if you start to think about a small action and the impact that it had and how it could have a greater impact on a greater impact.
The ripple effect, perhaps.
But I think the things that we were doing at a tactical level more than anything, we're having a tactical difference in that moment.
Whereas my role as a father for my three kids is my ability to have a generational shift or change in the world, they can have a greater impact on everybody that they touch the magnitude of order greater than anything that I did in either Iraq or Afghanistan will wearing in your form in service of the country interesting.
But yet you're probably one of the few seals that would say what you just said.
I don't know.
I don't remember having very deep conversations with the guys.
I mean, I don't I'm not trying to devalue the impact of what we had, but my last combat deployment was in 2010 and I was a father before that, and I'll be a father till the day that I die to me.
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BEST AND WORST DAY IN THE MILITARY: Andy Stumpf Talks About The Experience Of Getting Shot In Combat

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 31, 2020
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