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And what about free services like free email and free videos on YouTube?
Which is what we're being watched right now?
What is the danger of getting free services and having these things that don't cost money?
Well, it just means that of the vendors of these services don't have any real customers.
It's all this.
Feed the horses toe to feed the flowers.
You know, our toe, Uh, you know, it's it's ah, it's all these secured us ways to avoid having real customers to whom you owe something and including a secure connection and, uh, and from whom you are constantly learning how to satisfy their needs better.
So I think it's, ah, free goods or really there.
It's a deception.
They, uh, they they've caused a lot of resentment, actually, because they place a focus on this collection of of information which is ordinarily perfectly of acceptable, but which, when is combined with free goods and lots of advertising that you don't want to see, it seems somehow a scandal, and that's that's But I think it's I'm for micro payments on for ways of collecting money from particular customers and spending a lot of time in China.
I noticed that the big China Internet companies only get 10 10 to 15% of their revenues from advertising well, Google and Facebook at 90% and MAWR of their revenues from advertising.
And I think the American model is deeply vulnerable.
And the idea that these American companies can be her arrest and find and and litigated and sued, uh, constantly on subjected to these Byzantine privacy rules, such as the new California law that really defends the big companies cause small companies really have tremendous problems complying with a tremendous with the, um, massive, specific and complex regulations.
And, yeah, they exempt some small companies.
But in the end, if you are going to challenge the incumbents, you've got to get sort of big.
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DANGER OF FREE SERVICES: Why George Gilder Believes Companies Like YouTube Have No Real Customers

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 31, 2020
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