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I mean, you're kind of the first celebrity real estate broker.
I mean, that used media like that to grow your business?
I guess so.
I think a lot of people do it to me.
Milliner listening L.
Has been on for a lot longer than in New York as, but I think that I i the minute I saw that it was working like a couple years into it.
Then I was like, You know what, That's what's milk this thing.
Let's pitch Bravo.
Other shows.
And so I felt like Serhane comes out and let's let's turn it into a book book comes out.
Let's turn that into a course.
We launched the course, right?
Let's let's let's show all the stuff that I can't do a $1,000,000 listing New York because there's not enough time.
So, like my personal life and my thoughts and things going through my head and let's let's put that on a flaw that started YouTube channel.
You know, let's really, really make instagram a business.
And let's go after tic tac now and like, Why not?
You know it's all there.
Um and I don't like I remember.
I don't know if this is a book or not.
But I I have this morbid memory being with my grandfather, driving by a cemetery and him saying, Do you know who was in there?
And I was like dead people.
He was like, No, ah, basketball player.
You'll never know off and a mathematician you'll you'll never know off and a guitar player you're never going to know because they never reach their full potential, even though they had it in them.
And I was super young and it up, it was like And it still sits with me to this day of like, man I My biggest fears of the fear of failure.
Yeah, but 100% the fear wasted potential.
There's so much that we can do every day.
Why not just do it?
What's the worst that can happen?
Doesn't work like, well, grain.
It wasn't working anyway when you weren't doing it, so didn't put it out there.
Yeah, there's a graveyard by our studio in London and always walked by the graves and think, you know, does that person wish they hadn't have taken that extra risk?
You know what they wish they would have are they still worried about what someone would have thought?
Or the failure?
They've done it all over again and got bigger.
Yeah, like you know, there's that movie Whiplash, Another J K.
Simmons movie.
Um, he's got that great kind of line where he talks about, you know, the two worst words in the English language.
A good job, because when you tell someone good job, they stop trying.
And my dad very rarely said Good job was tough, you know.
He was tough.
He pulled me off the field when I was playing baseball on fifth.
Graves was embarrassing moment of my life, but in his head, he was just saving me.
Time was like baseball's on for you.
You tried it onto the next one, maybe play every single sport just to see what would stick, because he knew that if he didn't force me to do it, I think I'd be like any other kid and just want to be at home and play video games.
And I know I don't have to go do that.
And so I'm glad I did it.
I was terrible.
All of them released.
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1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 31, 2020
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