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How do you know whether it's time to dive or time to walk away?
And what are those factors?
Are the environmental or can they be mental with you?
And what are some of the like?
The less is maybe you learn about yourself in about life by having to make that choice.
It's a combination of both.
I mean clouds.
There a good example.
If it's socked in with fog, it's probably not a good idea to jump when you can't see where you're gonna be going.
Too much wind or wind.
You know, If you are standing on the edge of a cliff and the wind is in your face, your suit will have an increased level of performance, just like an airplane.
If the wind is at your back, it will have a decreased level of performance.
So that's a go no go criteria right there and then from a mental perspective, if you're so scared that you can't mentally think through the process that you're about to execute, perhaps don't do it.
And also, if you're up there and you're not scared, you know that to me would be an even greater warning signs.
So it's a balance of those things.
It's, I mean, it's hard to describe.
I don't have a checklist that I physically break out with me and I take a look at, but it's It's a combination of mental, physical and environmental.
Did you learn any of these mental lessons from fellow base jumpers?
More through conversations?
There's no real way, you know.
I mean, you're talking about the mental where I had in that sport.
We would talk a lot about how we felt that the exit.
We would talk a lot about our plans.
We would put a lot of things into a system or procedure based approach as opposed to Hey, man, we're fired up.
Let's go do this like, yeah, we are fired up and go do this.
But now let's break this down into phases.
What's our primary plans?
Secondary plan.
Tertiary plan.
So I learned all of those things through my mentor in specifically base jumping.
Okay, and that's it.
You don't base jump anymore.
I'm in a place where you know, I given the travel restrictions, I could base jump where I am in Montana.
I'm not in a point in my life right now.
where I can dedicate the time to currency and competency.
So it's safer for me.
Justo, put it on the back burner.
Okay, so now it's skydiving only.
Yes, but also in Montana is not great for drop zones.
So right now that jumping has drastically decreased since we have lived here.
But that's okay because my jiu jitsu has rapidly increased and, you know, I'm sitting in but podcast studio.
So I'm working on, you know, developing those other things.
So it's, you know, as something's ebbs, other others flow.
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TIME TO DIVE OR WALK AWAY: The Different Factors That Impact Extreme Sports | Andy Stumpf

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林宜悉 published on July 31, 2020
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