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can we talk about CrossFit?
Because you had some statements recently and we've seen a lot of change happening in that in that industry.
I guess that's the CEO.
Greg Glassman resigned and you made a statement about it.
Tell us what your thoughts on CrossFit and Greg and everything.
I think the methodology is amazing.
I love the It's just beautifully elegant in its simplicity.
I love the efficiency of it.
I love the efficacy of it.
I think the CrossFit community and by that I mean the affiliate gyms will be fine.
With or without CrossFit headquarters, which is another word of describing CrossFit Inc.
Which is the parent company that is 100% owned by Greg.
He's announced that he's going to sell the company.
What he did not announce is what percentage of his shares he was actually going to sell.
So there I think, some answers that air still deserved by the affiliate community.
But again, people can feel free to ignore me to include Greg.
Um, I worked for the company for eight years for indirectly for him, for directly for him.
I left because I could not tolerate working for him as a human being as an individual anymore.
And I told him that when I left we had a couple hours of what I would could describe is an exit interview.
And I told him exactly what I thought of him in his leadership style and why I was leaving because he asked me, um, he owes a lot of people some explanations in my opinion.
And right now what I see him doing is an attempt to tuck and run for the first time.
And I hope he's not allowed to do so because he had a lot of negative impact as an individual on a lot of people's lives.
And I think he should stand in judgment of those things.
But that's beyond me to make those determinations.
But I hope that he has to see that judgment at some point.
And he's kind of accused of kind of having this corporate ethos of treating women badly or is just that are also just being abusive or not respectful.
Is it?
Is it all those things, and did you see those things as well?
And does he need to confront and apologize for those things?
It was all of those things on.
And that's his deep as I will go into it now because I think that there are still some more things that are gonna come out in the future.
Ah, an apology would be a great start from him.
But is that gonna do enough?
No, you did substantial and long lasting damage.
Two people.
And ah, I think those people should deserve to see justice regardless of any statute of limitations.
OK, but the fact that he's gone as CEO is is a good sign.
But you're saying, what's the ownership is the real question.
And then what?
Other reparations?
That's what you want to know, and that's what you want to see.
I would say him leaving as a CEO is a good start, but leadership drives culture and anybody who thinks that one person leaving and the entire culture of an organisation changing.
They're living in a fairy tale, so that organization needs to be looked at very broadly with a microscope.
There's some more changes that need to be made.
Yeah, that's well, said Andy.
I mean, we saw this, it uber when they got rid of the CEO, but you can't get rid of the CEO and expect a corporate culture to change.
I mean, you know, actually, it's entrenched, especially if you leave people in that organization that we're very proximal or described as their inner circle.
You know, they, especially those people, were empowered or put into positions that are hard to challenge.
Its its you know it's gonna take more than just one person leaving again.
But that's CrossFit Inc.
The CrossFit community of the affiliates.
They'll be fine.
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THE REASON I QUIT MY ROLE AT CROSSFIT: Why Andy Stumpf Told Greg Glassman That He Was A Terrible CEO

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 31, 2020
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