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(soft music)
- Hi, what's up?
I'm Kim Petras,
and today I'm gonna be taking you through my "Icy" video.
This is "Playback."
(upbeat music)
It's about to get icy.
To shoot this, it was only a day.
I mean, we've prepped for sure
with the styling and everything.
Yeah, it was a really quick day.
We just thought it would be really cool
to put me in a box.
And I'm kind of being like, you can't really tell
but there's kind of somebody observing me.
There's a camera set up,
and it kinda just represents feeling trapped,
I guess, in a way, in a situation.
And that's very much what the song is about,
like feeling unhappy and growing out of it
and being hurt and--
I cleaned that box after takes.
It was really sick.
There was a little clip of me cleaning it.
Because it got super super hot in there
and actually nobody could get in there but me,
because it was like a whole thing.
It would have taken too much time.
♪ Gave me something to believe in ♪
♪ Thought that you were all I needed ♪
♪ Look at me, I'm still breathing ♪
This one in the white thing,
that was like the first warmup shot,
just like performing, doing my thing.
Nothing was choreographed or anything.
With every setup we did like double the speed takes
and then slower ones and then normal tempo.
So it kind of goes through,
like every setup kinda goes through these three phases
of performing them,
which with the fast one,
it's really, really hard to lip sync that.
The slow one is really much better.
It feels a little bit awkward,
but I guess you just have to tell yourself
over and over that this is gonna look cool,
'cause it feels really stupid.
But I feel like it really adds to videos,
like for me, makes it so much more interesting
and kind of like makes it look
a little bit like supernatural.
It's not like just a normal performance take.
The song is very much about heartbreak
and becoming a different, better, stronger person
through it, very Britney Spears' "Stronger."
That was like the color scheme was really inspired
by Britney Spears' "Stronger."
It's one of my favorite videos ever.
That silver chair, that blue tint to it.
That was my shit.
2000's pop growing up was my jam.
We were really inspired by an outfit
that Aaliyah wore in one of her videos.
I'm obsessed with Aaliyah,
and this is probably my favorite look
out of all of them
just because of how simple it is.
I really just thought the simplicity made it
with the wet hair too.
All right, let's keep going.
♪ Ice cold heart ♪
♪ VVS' is the only kinda ice ♪
I'm always super involved.
I don't put anything on I don't like.
We definitely went
the extra mile to request things
from designers that I really wanted
from past collections,
like the Saint Laurent heart coat is one of those.
I've always wanted to do that coat.
I thought it was super amazing.
And my stylist got super lucky,
and we got it rented for the video,
which I'm super proud of.
Mirror is definitely a Madonna "Vogue" reference.
I think it's like one of my favorite music videos
of all time and just that whole era
of Madonna is my favorite era,
so it's a little bit of a tribute tribute to her.
(Kim vocalizing)
This, a very underrated moment
in this video that didn't make it in enough,
because we were running out of time, a shame.
Honestly, my hair stylist Iggy, chef's kiss,
this wig with a blonde bob
and the crystals hanging off of it
was heavy as shit but looked so cool.
I really wanted to bring it back for some performances,
but the thing is, it just flies everywhere.
It's like an impossible hair to ever pull off
in real life or to perform in or do anything in,
but like stand and look like that.
That's probably my favorite hair off this video,
which I'm all about the hair and all about the wigs.
So here you go kids,
the crystal wig.
♪ Yeah, now I got an ice cold heart ♪
Ice water. (laughs)
It was actually warm.
And actually, it was hot.
And it was plastic weird like gooey jelly ice cubes
in glitter, and I was so surprised
that it wasn't cold,
because I was preparing to get in ice cold water.
But yeah, it was so like L.A.
It really changed my perspective on a lot of movies.
We were really played, I think,
with a lot of these ice bath scenes.
It's all bullshit, man.
♪ So numb, I don't feel it inside me ♪
♪ So dumb, I believed you really liked me ♪
♪ 'Cause of you ♪
My music always comes from a real place.
I always turn my life into my music.
That's the core of why I do what I do.
This song especially,
like a lot of my fans have told me
that it got them over stuff,
and that's amazing.
I think this video is a great just like visualizer
of the song, which to me is just the mood
of it all is like the most important thing.
But I also want it to be entertaining, no matter what.
But for me, that's what this video represents.
It's just like a step
into finding my visual identity.
Also, finally felt like I could be confident
in front of the camera and show emotions
and all of that stuff that I never knew how to do.
(soft music)
♪ Icy ♪
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Kim Petras' "Icy" Music Video Breakdown | Playback | Harper's BAZAAR

3 Folder Collection
Summer published on July 30, 2020
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