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How do you want to change the real estate agent industry like you said Used to be this and you want to make it this.
You want to make it more professional.
You want to get more value, add I want to, you know, real estate.
Good Real estate agents are really good people.
Um and they're crazy, like they're in the sense that they have opted for a lifelong career with no base salary, no benefits, no nothing like you said once.
It was like a glorified waiter way like the tip.
Do you wake up every day is a real estate agent.
You have no idea what's gonna happen today, like that's that takes some courage.
I'm not going to the bank and check it in, and I'm gonna get my salary and let's see what the bonuses.
That's not how we work.
And so and the good ones work their ass off.
And I think that there's always been this reputation that salespeople, real estate agents included are driven by fees and driven by commissions.
I think some are and then push their clients to do anything, and that's not what I do.
Um, I think the best ones are the most are the advocates for their clients.
And we're there to give advice and to help and to really help people not make dumb decisions.
Because with all these different websites that have come up to give all the information to get rid of the real estate agent, there's no way too much information and people don't want to do with it all.
And like they got their own jobs, you know, making their money so they can afford this real estates.
And now it's more than ever our job to be able to walk these people through the information and explain to them.
Listen, I know you like that apartment, But here, the things you need to think about and here's my experience over the last 10 years, they kind of point us in the direction maybe not moving forward.
That one, you know, and that's a client relationship that you want to be able tohave.
I can't force anybody to buy anything.
You had a customer recently that said he wanted to buy something like 10 to $20 million range, and you ended up showing him something for 40 and bought it for, like, 31 when they buy something like that through you.
How much of that is them buying you?
I think Listen, my job is to help people make a decision that they were probably gonna make anyway.
But they're gonna make it with me, and they're gonna feel better about making it.
Um, would he have bought that apartment for $31 million?
Had not shown him other things.
Probably not a lot happier that he did vs everything else.
No, no, I was just showing him options.
But a lot of it is about the personality, right?
My ability to walk them through the process and talked about the benefits.
And if they got that kind of money, they should see a lot of other things.
I also more than that.
Also talk a lot of people off ledges from spending way too much money.
I've got a client, literally, right now, my phone is off, but he's probably blowing up my phone.
He really wants this place, and he really wants to buy it for $6 million.
And I'm like, No, if you want to get offer on it, you have to do it on your own.
You can't afford it, can't afford it, and it's going to stress you out, which in turn is going to stress me out.
We need to look at things less expensive.
And if you like that type of quality, we got to go into other neighborhoods.
The West feel it's just me too expensive I don't want I don't want him to make a dumb decision.
Um, probably spend War of my time telling people no.
Then I do telling people, Yeah, you should do that.
It's easy, like you know what a good property is when you walk into it showing by this, Yeah, it's awesome.
It's great.
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YOUR BRAND IS YOUR REPUTATION: Why Good People Make The Best Real Estate Agents | Ryan Serhant

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林宜悉 published on July 30, 2020
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