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Action packed. Dramatic.
Downright bananas.
Why is I Had An Accident such a legendary episode?
Oh, I got dead again.
This game stinks.
First, we start off by enjoying the majesty that is...
Sand Mountain.
See? That's why you must always pay attention to the mountain.
I'm listening to you, Mountain!
And the gang is all here.
All of your favorite characters, also Squidward.
Everybody's an idiot except for me.
Well, it's true.
But then, the unthinkable happens.
SpongeBob! Look out for that tree!
What are you even doing here, tree?
Don't worry, guys, everything's under control because I am an expert--
Like every legendary tale,
it stemmed from a tragedy the tragedy of a shattered tailbone.
One more injury like that and you could wind up like
that poor creature there in the iron butt.
In the iron butt.
It itches.
And there it is, the epic threat of one more booty bruise.
Hey, SpongeBob, you gotta try this dude.
Ha, we finally got enough people for this seven mile spanking machine.
Suddenly everyone is a rear end enthusiast,
and the threat has never been larger.
Is this where the line starts?
Thus, our hero is caged by his own delicate derriere.
Hey SpongeBob, you ready to go sand boarding again?
Like every strong, handsome hero, SpongeBob had no choice but to adapt.
And so I simply decided I am never leaving my house again.
Never leaving my house again.
Just sitting in your house?
Ain't you gonna get lonesome?
I won't be lonesome.
I've got all the friends I need right here.
Enter a new family of friendship.
This is Penny and Chip and say hello to Used Napkin.
Well, how are you going to keep your job at the Krusty Krab?
A really long spatula.
Truly a model of ingenuity.
What about eatin'?
I'm a sponge.
I'll just fill their feed.
You may be hearing the greatest sound nature
has to offer, as SpongeBob digs down into his roots.
Graciously, elegantly, legendarily.
But all would not be well for long, for Sandy and Patrick
sought to free SpongeBob from his fanny fears.
We'll get SpongeBob t to come outside,
and then you'll see there's nothing to be afraid of.
And that's when I punch him, right?
Look at the jellyfish out here!
I caught one, ha-ha!
My new hobby is much safer, isn't it, Chip?
Dust collecting.
[phone ringing]
Hello, Olympics, I'd like to suggest a new sport.
I think I caught one!
And when temptation took the form of cake, SpongeBob displayed magnificent modesty.
I don't need the wish, Penny.
Everything I could ever want is right here.
♪ I know of a place Where you never get harmed ♪
♪ Indoors, indoors ♪
♪ Indoors ♪
Take it away, Penny.
[phone ringing]
Hello, Beyoncé.
Are you ready to retire?
Patrick and Sandy's plans were foiled,
as SpongeBob stayed true to his tushy.
Which brings us to our final act, one that would go down in history
as dynamic, dangerous and dynamic.
Eek! A gorilla! Save me, SpongeBob!
Even Chip knows that Patrick in the same costume he wore for Halloween last year.
At first, our hero was too smart to be fooled until...
Hey Sandy, who's your friend?
But... But you're supposed to be in the gorilla suit.
I am in the gorilla suit.
Everything you thought you knew changed!
- Ah, a real gorilla! - Huh?
With his friends in danger, SpongeBob dove in to action
without hesitation.
Uh... without much hesitation.
I think I can do this.
Ah! Get off of me! Chip, help me! Help me!
I'm still alive.
And thus, SpongeBob conquered his fears,
completing a tale of a legendary-- Ah wait, the gorilla. That's right.
Is it too late to go back inside yet?
It's too late.
- Patrick? Sandy? - Yeah, SpongeBob?
I'm sorry I caused all this.
I'm not scared of going outside anymore.
But I'm terrified of gorillas now.
That's OK, SpongeBob. Us too.
You know what I don't understand though?
What's a gorilla doing under water in the first place?
Well, it's funny you should... I mean, see...
George, they're onto us!
Well, if you learned one thing from this legendary episode,
it's that there's no business like monkey business.
So remember to steer clear of primates, everyone and please,
spay and neuter your--
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Why "I Had an Accident" is a LEGENDARY Episode of SpongeBob ?

18 Folder Collection
Summer published on July 30, 2020
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