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It's too bad Charles couldn't come to the party, sir.
I couldn't care less.
Marcie, it's too bad.
Yeah, right.
That report.
Okay, everybody, it's time to play musical chairs.
I come in.
I thought you had a study.
I thought I could read some of it here.
Come on, Chuck.
Admitting slide dog.
You want to start the new year with me?
Well, E was kind of hoping the little red haired girl show off.
Jack, you drive me crazy.
Come on.
Sir, everybody is ready for musical chairs.
Okay, Okay.
Let's get started.
Can I play?
Oh, I guess so.
Chuck, Come on.
Stop a musical chairs.
Come on, let's go.
Now, you don't.
You can If you want to weigh, take away while you're running around.
Don't indicate a run.
Get Just listen, Teoh way You can You want to be a winner?
And when the music you gotta move on.
Now is the moment of getting down waiting for the moment.
You can't get off way.
You want over if you want me, huh?
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Snoopy | Musical Chairs - Clip | Happy New Year, Charlie Brown! | Videos for Kids

102 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 20, 2020
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