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To cook a good dish, you need a few things.
Good ingredients, sharp knives, and time.
Here in this restaurant, they have a stew, which has been cooking for, well, a really, really, really, really, really long time.
(Speaking Thai) Welcome to Wattana Panich restaurant.
(Speaking Thai) My name is Nattapong Kaweenutawong.
This isn't your normal Bangkok bistro.
They have been serving the same beef stew for nearly five decades.
No, not the same recipe.
Literally the same soup: same giant pan, same broth, same soup.
(Speaking Thai) Our beef noodle soup--called neua tune--is popular in Bangkok because the broth has been preserved and cooked for 45 years, thus giving it a unique flavor and aroma.
(Speaking Thai) For 45 years, the broth of our soup has never been thrown away after a day's cooking.
(Speaking Thai) We have kept the broth overnight, and then used it to cook the next day's soup.
Using an ancient cooking method known in some cultures as Hunter's Stew, this award-winning broth becomes tastier the longer you cook it.
(Speaking Thai) The main ingredients added to our noodle broth are stewed beef, raw sliced beef, meatballs, and other internal organs.
(Speaking Thai) Of course, the most important thing is the broth.
(Speaking Thai) All the ingredients are added to it and then stewed together.
Now, you might be asking, "What's that ring around the pan?"
Well, that is 45 years of broth spillover.
Think of it as a tradition.
(Speaking Thai) Wattana Panich restaurant is a family business. My mother is the main chef and cooks the soup in the morning.
(Speaking Thai) I usually cook from afternoon to evening, while my wife takes care of everything in the restaurant.
(Speaking Thai) I am the 3rd generation, and we have three children. I hope they will be the 4th generation to run the business.
And now the most important part, the taste.
Mm, mm, mm.
Oh, this is delicious.
45 years ... 45 ... Well, if you are ever in Bangkok make sure you check those guys out.
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This Soup Has Been Simmering for 45 Years

1209 Folder Collection
Minjane published on July 17, 2020    Minjane translated    adam reviewed
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