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  • And now ladies and gentlemen,

  • that we are halfway through the evening...

  • we'd like to offer a special treat to our

  • discriminating buyers.

  • This evening we will preview

  • a new asset that we've been developing.

  • A creature of the future made from pieces of the past.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, please be warned,

  • this is the perfect blend of the two most dangerous creatures

  • that have ever walked the earth.

  • We call it...

  • the Indoraptor.

  • The perfect weapon for the modern age.

  • Built for combat.

  • With tactical responses more acute than any human soldier.

  • What is that thing?

  • They made it.

  • Mr. Mills and the other man.

  • What man?

  • Him.

  • Designed by Mr. Henry Wu,

  • with an intelligence quotient comparable to the Velociraptor.

  • Biospecs include a heightened sense of smell,

  • and trained to respond to a pulse-coded laser targeting system,

  • enabling it to isolate and track prey,

  • in complex environments. Voila.

  • Now first, the laser sets the target.

  • Once locked on,

  • the acoustic signal triggers the attack.

  • This animal is relentless.

  • Now, modifications are still being made...

  • 20 million!

  • No, this is a prototype.

  • Not for sale.

  • 21!

  • It is still a prototype, 22!

  • But...

  • 23!

  • 24!

  • $24 million.

  • 25 million!

  • Do I hear 26?

  • That thing can't leave this building.

  • 26!

  • Any advance on 26? 27!

  • $27 million from the back.

  • What are you doing? This animal is not for sale.

  • If you wanna create an addict, you have to give them a taste.

  • He's a prototype.

  • This prototype is worth $28 million right now.

  • Relax, we'll make some more.

  • So will they.

  • Hey buddy.

  • You thinking what I'm thinking?

  • Once. Twice.

  • Sold to the Russian friend.

  • Well done, sir. And congratulations...

  • for this magnificent animal.

  • Oh, God!

  • Get this thing out of here!

  • Hey, you! Turn it out!

And now ladies and gentlemen,

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