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And now ladies and gentlemen,
that we are halfway through the evening...
we'd like to offer a special treat to our
discriminating buyers.
This evening we will preview
a new asset that we've been developing.
A creature of the future made from pieces of the past.
Ladies and gentlemen, please be warned,
this is the perfect blend of the two most dangerous creatures
that have ever walked the earth.
We call it...
the Indoraptor.
The perfect weapon for the modern age.
Built for combat.
With tactical responses more acute than any human soldier.
What is that thing?
They made it.
Mr. Mills and the other man.
What man?
Designed by Mr. Henry Wu,
with an intelligence quotient comparable to the Velociraptor.
Biospecs include a heightened sense of smell,
and trained to respond to a pulse-coded laser targeting system,
enabling it to isolate and track prey,
in complex environments. Voila.
Now first, the laser sets the target.
Once locked on,
the acoustic signal triggers the attack.
This animal is relentless.
Now, modifications are still being made...
20 million!
No, this is a prototype.
Not for sale.
It is still a prototype, 22!
$24 million.
25 million!
Do I hear 26?
That thing can't leave this building.
Any advance on 26? 27!
$27 million from the back.
What are you doing? This animal is not for sale.
If you wanna create an addict, you have to give them a taste.
He's a prototype.
This prototype is worth $28 million right now.
Relax, we'll make some more.
So will they.
Hey buddy.
You thinking what I'm thinking?
Once. Twice.
Sold to the Russian friend.
Well done, sir. And congratulations...
for this magnificent animal.
Oh, God!
Get this thing out of here!
Hey, you! Turn it out!
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Indoraptor Auction Scene | Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom (2018) Movie Clip 4K

114 Folder Collection
Sophie published on July 17, 2020
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