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the first thing that happened do not augur.
Well, somebody picked the leader for our tent.
As you are aware, I've been chosen your tent leader on activities.
I feel my valuable experience at baseball managing will stand us in good stead.
Good degrees.
First thing we Wisler is the proper way to make our bids.
See this at each corner, we must stretch and box in the blanket.
So that a bed check when I come by to check, I'll take 1/4 and vouch it on the cover.
It should.
Well, so much for making bids.
Now, we worked out a schedule of competitive sports to sort of get the *** out of the winter fat.
We'll start with a little competition with the girls across the lake.
We're gonna indulge in a little swimming race with him.
And I don't want you guys to show him up too badly.
Slim, Steady.
But don't make him look too bad after all.
Boys are strong.
Swim to the voting back first kid back wins for his tent.
Ready, huh?
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43 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 15, 2020
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