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Lazy Daaaayyyy!
Lazy Daaaayyyy!
How do you want to celebrate?
Sounds like too much work.
If you were really lazy, you'd already know how.
I know you're not calling me not lazy.
One time I was already in bed, but wanted to turn off the light...
What'd you do?
I couldn't reach the switch so I just threw my cellphone and broke the bulb
out the ceiling.
One time I wanted to take a nap, but my blanket was in the dryer.
What'd you do?
So I opened the blinds and let the sun keep me warm.
I pooped in a litter box...
Because it was closer than the bathroom.
Also, I refer to my file cabinet as “a litter box” so that I don't have to explain more.
I stop searching for a Youtube video if it doesn't come up after I type
the first 2 letters.
Oh shit!
I know.
That's lazy right?
The grill's on fire.
Oh snap.
Somebody's gotta put that out!
You're closer.
It's all the way over there though.
Yea that's doing too much.
Trying too hard.
Driving 60 in a school zone.
Telling me how the watch is made when I just need the time.
Lazy Dayyyyy.
Lazy Dayyyyy.
Hey guys.
Just here to clean the pool.
Do you mind?
Do your thing.
We sure weren't about to do it.
Shoot, one time I walked my dog with a remote controlled car...
So I wouldn't have to leave the house.
I asked a friend to FaceTime me a show while they watched...
Because I was too lazy to go downstairs with them.
I fart to scratch my butthole.
Sometimes I don't feel like making coffee.
Who does?
So I eat the beans out the bag like Trail Mix.
(Off screen) Oh shit!
We hear a splash.
I know.
Lazy right?
Dude fell in the pool.
Oh shit.
Can he swim?
Doesn't look like it.
Somebody better save him!
Why can't you do it?
Why can't you throw that life saver?
You can do this.
Reach with your heart, not with your back.
Can't reach it.
Yea we're probably doing the most right now.
Lighting a cigarette with a flamethrower.
Going Lebron when we need to be going Lonzo.
Trying to Batman without the utility belt.
Lazy daaaaayyyy.
Lazy daaaaayyyy.
One time I paid extra for boxers I ordered online to be delivered “Next Day”...
So you wouldn't have to do laundry.
Yea... also!
I'm so lazy that I take a Viagra before bed...
Just so you don't roll over on your stomach when you sleep?
Who doesn't do that?
I've got a better example.
What do you got?
I don't feel like saying it.
Yea that's pretty good.
But can't nobody in this world... out lazy me.
...Aww shit.
Is he dead?
Touche Steve.
Spoke too soon.
Schooled by the master.
My man was like “Breathing?”
“No thank you!”
Should we call 911?
I don't feel like unlocking my phone.
Do you have to to call 911?
Classic Lazy Day.
Classic Lazy Day.
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78 Folder Collection
Eunice Lin published on July 7, 2020
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