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Come on, Charlie Brown.
It's almost midnight up for you.
Root beer.
Thank you, Lucy.
I've decided next year I'm going to be a changed person.
I'll be serious.
Charlie Brown.
No, I mean, I'm going to be strong in from Forget it, Charlie Brown.
You'll always be wishy washy.
Why can't I change just a little bit?
I've got a wish you one day washy the next travel brand I have.
You will never sniffed in my room near your stupid giggle stiffed in my root beer.
Look at that.
I'll bet it's full of dog germs.
Where my binoculars.
So it's filled with dog germs.
It's one thing you should never do never sniffed someone's root beer.
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Snoopy | Charlie Brown's New Years Resolution | Happy New Year, Charlie Brown | Videos for Kids

62 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 5, 2020
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