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-Looks like the guy in the audience is enjoying the show.
-I don't know. It looks like he's having
this, uh...mile-long stare, like an existential crisis.
-Looks like a wax figure of me.
-Madame Tussauds audience member.
-Have you been to a wax museum recently?
-Um...Besides the set of "Riverdale"? No.
-[ Laughing ]
What is happening with "Riverdale," by the way?
-As of now, I mean, we --
I think production got suspended
just before California
and, well, the rest of the United States
went into full lockdown.
And as of now, you know, we're sort of waiting
like the rest of the entertainment industry
to hear an exact date where people can start going back.
I think, creatively -- I better plug in my computer.
I think, creatively, we're doing a time jump.
So, like, a five-year time jump.
-Yeah, I heard that. -That'll take place
two or three episodes into the season, which is nice,
because the fan base was starting to go,
"All right, maybe these kids aren't 17 any more,
worried about graduation."
-Talk to me about "Borrasca."
-Ah, "Borrasca" -- it's an interesting project.
It actually -- the story started as a sort of
a Creepypasta story online that ended up having
just kind of a cult following for a while.
And then, when QCode and my team sat down,
we were trying to figure out a project
to sort of take off with, and he pitched
Rami Malek and Chloe Grace Moretz,
and they're doing really cool sort of older radio play,
radio serial type podcasts.
Very narrative, which is fun.
I had always kind of wanted to do voice work,
try out voice work, which was really, you know,
kind of superficial impetus for me wanting to try and do --
-Are you getting really into voiceover stuff?
Because now you're the narrator of "Riverdale"
as well as this.
Like, you're actually hearing your voice
more than you ever have in your entire lifetime.
-Yeah, I don't know. Maybe I'm one of those peop--
I don't know how many other people do this,
but I can't even listen to my voice.
I think I got the nasaliest voice around,
so I'm not really the biggest fan of my voice.
I like voice acting, because you don't have
the crutch of physicality to rely upon.
So you really have to find that fine line between how much --
not overreacting, so to speak, but how much emphasis
you need to place into certain emotions
for them to come across.
-In audio only. -Yeah, in audio only,
which I find really enjoyable.
-So the first episode is out next Monday, "Borrasca."
-"B-O-R-R-A-S-C-A." "Borrasca."
-"Borrasca." -"Brasca"
-"Borrasca" -- "Burrata" is my podcast about Italian cheese.
-"Borrasca." Bucca di Borrasca.
-Burrata. -Mm-hmm.
-Dude, miss you, I love you.
I want to see you in person.
And I thank you so much for doing our show.
I can't even tell you... -Of course.
-...how many people you're making happy tonight.
So thank you so much for doing this, bud.
-Bye, guy! -"Bye, guy."
[ Both laugh ]
-Bye, dude. That was awesome.
-Have a good one. Bye.
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Cole Sprouse Gets Creepy in Horror Podcast Borrasca

20 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 4, 2020
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