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-Christian Slater,
thank you so much for coming on the show.
I appreciate you coming on.
I know it's hard to talk about a new show
with all the stuff that's going on in the world.
-Yeah. -We've been in quarantine
for three months
and obviously, the protests,
and today was the private funeral of George Floyd.
It's just tough times.
Where are you, and how are you?
-I am good.
I'm in Miami with my family, so that's been great.
Yeah, no, I mean, these have just been totally surreal times.
Of course, I'm horrified
by the murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor
and the countless black men, women, and children
that have been murdered at the hands of the police.
So, on the one hand, it's great
that, you know, there is a rising up here
to make significant change.
And look, I've crossed paths with the police
a few times myself, you know,
in my history, and -- -Sure.
-They didn't murder me, you know,
because the system isn't designed that way.
I was allowed to get help,
get off drugs and alcohol.
And today, I'll go to a place like Rikers Island
and I'll go in there and talk to the inmates.
You know, go in there with a meeting and that sort of thing,
and they're pretty much guilty
of the same things that I've done,
but, you know, when the meeting ends, I can leave,
and it's pretty much skin color that determines that.
So clearly we're in a crazy broken system,
and I just feel like this society
has no right to call itself civilized
until all of its citizens are treated with equality.
You know? I mean, that's the bottom line.
-I agree. -So I'm just working on
listening and educating myself as much as possible.
-Me too. -Yes.
-I didn't get a chance to talk to you,
but since we've talked on the show,
you have a little baby in your life.
-Yes, yes.
My wife and I have a 9-month-old little girl named Lena.
Thank you. -Oh, it's the best!
-Yeah! It's the greatest.
-Is she saying words?
-She did just say --
You know, we were reading this book,
and all of a sudden, she started saying the word "Da-da."
It was incredible. Yeah, I know.
Actually, it was a book --
Maybe it was your book! Oh, my God!
-Was it my book?
-It was your book, yes. It was your book.
-It worked?
-It worked, dude. It worked.
It was very, very good.
-What a book. -It worked, you know.
Yeah, it's a great book.
It's a great book.
You know, the big "Da-da."
You know, by the end they all say --
-No spoilers, no spoilers,
no spoilers. -No spoilers.
I don't want to tell you how it ends, but man --
-[ Laughs ] -Great book.
Great, great book.
-I'm so happy you have another little baby.
That's so great, man.
-Well, that's been the thing.
That's been, like, in the middle
of all of this crisis and insanity...
-Yeah. -...and all the things
that we're all going through,
I mean, the silver lining
has of course been having this baby
and getting to be around.
You know, I'm usually -- I'm kind of like a gypsy,
you know, so I travel and you do, too.
-And it's nice to have been around to see --
You know, she just started standing on her own.
Yeah, it's these moments
that are just, like, priceless and unbelievable.
So that's been my silver lining.
-I want to talk about your new series,
"Dirty John"... -Oh, yeah.
-..."The Betty Broderick Story."
I did not know anything about this story.
-I didn't either. I didn't either.
So I spoke to the creator, Alexandra Cunningham,
and she was amazing.
She just had all of this info and told me which books to read,
and I really got a sense of who these people were.
I mean, this was definitely a tabloid story in the '80s.
What was really fun about it was the style.
You know, I mean, we really got to go back in time.
-Wow. -We had answering machines.
I remember working with some of the kids,
the up and coming kids
that will be the next generation of actors.
They would walk around the set and be like, "What's that?"
I'd say, "Well, that was a telephone.
That was what we used to use." -Oh, my gosh.
-"It had a rotary thing, and you can" --
Yeah, I know. It freaked me out.
-I feel like it's a game we could play
on "The Tonight Show" with, like, young kids.
-Yes. -Just guess what this is.
-That's right. Yeah, yeah.
-It's a VHS rewinder. Do you remember those?
-Yeah, exactly, exactly. Or, like, an 8-track.
You know, one of those deals where you pop it in.
-As you were talking, something kept popping up
in the right side of your screen there.
Do you have a dog, or is there --
-There's this. -No, no.
-Or to the left? -Do you have a cat or an animal?
-Oh! Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Right here.
Hey! -Oh, no, no!
-Yeah. -Look at that ear.
Oh, stop. -Yeah. Yeah.
She hasn't been -- You know,
I just washed her today, actually, so that's good.
But this is Hoots.
This is my loyal, wonderful dog
who I love and adore.
-Oh, my goodness. What a beautiful dog.
-I'm in the guest room. -Oh.
-But this is, like, where I do, you know, some [bleep] in here.
-What is that thing? Is that a stormtrooper?
That's awesome. -Yeah, yeah.
I've had that for, like, 30 years.
It has been with me and in this family.
He's almost like a family member, you know?
-Is that from, like, Lucas Ranch or whatever?
-It's -- You know what it's from?
It's from The Sharper Image.
They did, like, a thing 30 years ago and --
-Dude, I remember --
Do you remember when you had to wait out in line
to get into The Sharper Image?
-Oh, geez. -There was a rope.
There was, like, a rope. Like, a --
-Oh, you don't mean, like, online.
You mean, like, literally on a line?
Like a physical -- -Yeah.
-Line. -Yeah, no, on line.
I meant, like, you had to wait on line.
-Like, you had to stand there outside...
-Yes. -...of the place.
-They only allowed, like,
10 people in Sharper Image at a time
'cause it was so from the future
that everyone wanted to shop there.
-That's right. -And so you had to wait
behind a rope and then...
-Yeah. -...once someone left,
then they'd allow you in and you could buy, like, a pen
that's also a thermometer or something.
-Yes, yes, I love that stuff.
I would go in there -- -I love that stuff.
-Oh, the other thing is SkyMall.
SkyMall is -- You know, it's like,
I'm on American Airlines,
that gives me so much entertainment, you know.
You can just go through there. Oh, man.
-I want to get --
-I could get a Harry Potter wand? Are you kidding me?
This is awesome! -I want to get --
I want to get the giant airline pillow
that you put your head in.
-Yes! Yes!
-Imagine lugging that on the airplane
and sitting next to -- -Well, don't you --
It's, like, inflatable, isn't it?
You know? Yeah.
You get, like -- That's right. You put it on --
I love that thing. I love that thing.
Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait.
'Cause, you know, they do have the shops,
you know, you can walk through,
and I did see one of those neck pillow deals, right?
-Yeah. -And it's a neck pillow
where you can -- you can attach it
to the back of the seat, right?
-Oh. -So you put it on,
so you're flying like this the whole time,
but it keeps your head from going like that, you know.
-Oh, now that's -- -It keeps your head up.
-It's attached. -It's attached.
So I was, like --
I was thrilled with this.
I thought "This is the greatest thing," and it is.
I have to say -- -It works.
-It's made -- When we used to be able to fly,
you know, in the olden days. [ Chuckles ]
-Yeah. -In the olden times.
-Christian, you have --
I can't even wish you more, the best stuff.
You have a baby. You have a beautiful dog.
-Thank you. -I really --
You know, I love talking to you, man.
-Thanks, dude.
-Come back whenever you want, buddy.
-All right, man, well, thanks. Thanks, dude.
-Stay safe. -You, too.
-Stay safe. -You, too. Stay safe.
Best to the family. -Bye, buddy.
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Jimmy Helped Christian Slater's Daughter Say Her First Word

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 4, 2020
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